476 – Guest: Dave Plumb – Climate change’s CO2 diversion

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Oct 272016

Coronal Mass Ejection - NASA

Are you skeptical about climate change and CO2? If so, consider yourself in denial. At least that’s how proponents of “carbon pricing”, “carbon taxes,” “carbon trading” and of all the other variants of carbonated climate politics have framed the debate.

Having thus dismissed “climate change deniers” as both irrelevant and morally deficient, no further discussion is warranted. The debate (which never occurred) is closed. The “science is settled.”

What those who say “the science is settled” really mean is that “the Politics is settled, and we’re going ahead with our political agenda no matter what science has to say about it.”

What those who say “the science is settled” also really mean is that “science” is irrelevant to them. Since science and knowledge are never “settled,” to suggest otherwise is clear evidence of just how wrong those who utter such nonsense really can be.

Ironically, in labeling the skeptics “deniers”, it is the accusers who are the active deniers.
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Aug 042016

The Big Picture

EXPERTLY FOOLED ON CLIMATE CHANGE: Have we been expertly fooled on climate change? Let’s ask the experts.

So that’s exactly what we did not do, as Dave Plumb, author of ‘Climate Hope’, joined us for a down-to-earth understandable view of what the real climate change process is (nature’s process, not the political one) and how it works.

In fact, says Dave, it’s the ‘experts‘ who we can blame for all the confusion about the reality of climate change, and in particular, the scientific mythology concerning carbon dioxide – a mythology driven by political propaganda and taxpayer-paid financing.

The near irrelevancy of CO2 to the actual and real factors that affect climate change would make our carbonated politicians seem laughable, were it not for the sinister motives behind their propaganda and carbon taxation schemes.

This is the conversation that no politicians want to hear, and why they insist that “the science is settled.” In fact, in some areas, it’s a topic that legislators want legally prohibited, while those religiously committed to a ‘green’ philosophy hurl accusations of ‘climate change denial’ as their only means of rebuttal. Continue reading »

455 – The climate changers

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Jun 022016


00:03 Naturally lying about natural gas: Ontario’s future power crisis, Wynne’s reaction to natural gas ban stories, feedback from Bill on the political party syndrome, Donald Trump, being politically incorrect, Freedom Party – turning philosophy’s complexities into simple planks, the folly of ‘independent candidates’, the necessity of political parties and their purpose
15:35 Power rationing’s rationalizations: Ontario NDP MPP Peter Tabuns’ sinister climate change theories, no ‘beginning’ to climate change – starting points, climate change as communist doctrine, socialist plans to create poverty, Patrick Brown a climate change propagandist
27:55 The climate changers: H.G. Well’s prophetic Time Machine vision of the Eloi (as willing slaves) and Morlocks (their keepers and masters), former UN climate official Ottmar Edenhofer’s clarification that climate change is irrelevant to carbon dioxide politics, redistributing world’s wealth through climate policy, cap-and-trade, executive secretary of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Christiana Figueres advocacy of forced poverty and forced depopulation through climate policy
43:45 We are the Eloi: an analysis of Christiana Figueres’ contradictory and evil anti-capitalistic philosophy, capitalism as the solution – socialism as the problem, natural population control through freedom, blaming capitalism for collectivism’s failures, ignoring the creators of wealth, flow economy, stock economy, use of fossil fuels a consequence of economic freedom, calling for anarchy but with a strong anarch 59:42 END

454 – Guest: Paul McKeever / Ontario’s power politics

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May 262016

Fireman Patrick Brown

00:03 Is it government? Ontario’s state of anarchy, political parties as organized criminal gangs, Toronto pot crackdown, defining what government is, Al Capone’s political popularity, alcohol monopolies and cartels
14:15 Ontario’s power politics: cap and trade, killing production with green policies, ending competition in the energy market, phasing out natural gas, monopoly on energy, rationing electricity, single payer energy system, forced electric car sales, prohibiting fossil fuels for home heating, a long history of Ontario’s power politics, Liberals and Conservatives as gangs, quotas on electricity, smart meters as instruments of rationing
32:15 Criminal conduct is not ‘government’: Liberals-Progressive Conservatives-New Democrats are all climate communists, Progressive Conservatives as no option for change, Ontario as a Green Acres comedy, Conservative destructive policy of ‘Power at Cost’ (1902), Conservatives explicitly against capitalism since 1905, abuse of government power on power, the natural gas problem (1950s), climate change as pretext, legalizing criminality, Ontario’s political cartel, appealing to the ‘something-for-nothing’ voters
47:45 Freedom to party: truth vs lies – and bullsh*t, elected criminal organizations – Liberals, PCs, and New Democrats, electing a government instead of criminals, political party restrictions through finance reforms, plans to silence political opposition, escaping Ontario’s oppression, Ontario’s pension plan as control of individual movement, for government – vote Freedom Party, Kathleen Wynne’s obsession with sex, freedom isn’t free, Freedom Party 59:42 END

448 – Guest: Professor Christopher Essex – The fluid dynamics of the climate debate

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Apr 142016

Navier - Stokes

00:03 The fluid dynamics of the climate debate: Navier-Stokes equation, long-held skepticism on ‘global warming’, climate change – a difficult study, no discussion on science or technicalities, journalist pop quiz, fluid dynamics, politics vs science, lack of knowledge in the discussion, banning the climate change discussion
16:50 Sounds foolish: Big Bang Theory – the TV show, Large Hadron collider, April Fools victim, songification, noting worlds’ end, mapping sound, every day an April Fools day on climate change, an effort to understand climate change, no experts in the field of the unknown, political obstruction to the serious study of climate change
31:30 Terrestrial extra: alone in the universe, questioning the questions about extra-terrestrial life, standards of life, probabilities of life in space, light-speed game, struggling for the truth of nature, conference on star formation, a positive answer, an amazing overwhelming universe with or without ET, no probability sample space, Graham’s number is bigger than google
48:45 Ether or: gravity wave confirmation, the two flavours of relativity, electromagnetic field, gravity has no charge, space medium and ether, medium is the electromagnetic field itself, invariance of equations 59:42 END

447 – Guest: Dave Plumb – Author of Climate Hope

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Apr 072016

Embrace Climate Change

00:03 Tips and points on climate change: Climate Hope, climate change, antidote to CO2 terrorism, where’s the hope, human impact on climate, climate history, more CO2 needed – not less, relevancy of carbon dioxide content, tipping points, life as the planet’s modifier, science vs politics on climate change, media bias, creating a discussion, lack of balanced reporting
15:10 Assault on battery: the Jacobson Plan, total conversion to renewable energy, five sources of energy, batteries for energy storage, fossil fuel energy density, skyrocketing energy costs, Green Energy Act, the real cost and price of electricity, battery disposal and re-cycling
29:25 Venus fry trap: A Venus inferno for planet Earth, sister planet, envisioning the planet Venus, no similarities between Earth and Venus, a brief history of Venus and Earth, water vapour greenhouse effect on Venus, sequestered carbon, CO2 as consequence – not cause, Jurassic Period – the time of earth’s life
43:10 Nature to be commanded: natural changes, overcoming and controlling nature, man’s relationship to nature, the resiliency of life, agenda of wealth-redistribution, time perspective, Milankovitch Cycles, conditions of glaciation, the four predators 59:42 END

415 – Guest: Andy Janson, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Science and Technology Futurist

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Aug 272015

Andy Janson


00:07 Hydrogen bombed: hydrogen as fuel, hydrogen storage device, fears of hydrogen, water as fuel, OPG’s plan to bury nuclear waste, Deep Geologic Depository, introducing uranium
16:05 Nuclear wasted: from uranium to lead, disposing nuclear waste – identifying the problem, nuclear submarine storage, nuclear reactors being built around the world
28:35 Nuclear new clear vision: new proposals for eliminating nuclear waste, ASAT (anti-satellite), one way trip to the sun, Fulton device, Gerald Bull, Thunder Well, hypersonic shock wave, an irrational one hundred thousand year contract
44:10 An elevating future: uranium’s future potential, nuclear waste as fuel, liquid fluoride salt, irrational nuclear waste burial expectations, space elevator, financing the true disposal of nuclear waste 57:48 END