The Danielle Metz Show – 013 – The trouble with kids these days

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Feb 252018

Outraged by a November 15, 2017 NBC News editorial, Danielle and Robert share their incredulous reactions to a Leftist’s view of ‘morality.’

Written by Travis Rieder, the headline reads “Science proves kids are bad for earth. Morality suggests we stop having them.”

“But morality suggests that we SHOULD have children,” responds Danielle, as Robert cites the continuing death cult philosophy spouted by representatives of the Left.

In conflict are two entirely polarized and opposite views of morality.

The Right view on morality and ethics was perhaps best expressed by Ayn Rand when she wrote: “… the standard by which one judges what is good or evil – is man’s life – or that which is required for man’s survival qua man. Ethics is an objective, metaphysical necessity of man’s survival…” Continue reading »

538 – Guest: Christopher Essex – The “know” ledge

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Jan 112018

The Know Ledge

At what point does it become necessary to actually “know” things about certain issues or topics? When is it ok just to leave the details to the “experts“? It’s a practical question that is fundamentally based on individual responsibility.

It is also a question that has bedeviled Professor Christopher Essex, theoretical physicist and mathematician with the Department of Applied Mathematics at Western University. As one of the pioneers of climate change computer modeling, his skepticism about the political climate that has arisen around this field of study has fallen mostly on deaf ears.

Understandably, when it comes to the details of science and technology, most people will defer to the experts. But there comes a point when leaving it to the experts may in fact be quite detrimental to those affected.

Having reached the point at which the responsibility to know falls squarely on those who need to know, a decision must be made. Shall we continue to rely on opinions and “expertise” that does not seem to be consistent or realistic, or shall we finally take the leap from the ledge of ignorance and embrace the technicalities of knowledge? Continue reading »

Sep 142017

greenhouse defect

Inconvenient truths about the ‘climate change’ debate

We call it the “Greenhouse Defect.” Take it literally. Take it figuratively. Works both ways.

In the politically driven debate about “fighting climate change,” the actual “science” surrounding climate and the earth’s environment is simply not relevant.

Just ask Chris Ballard, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. In his Sept 9 letter to the editor disputing a column by Lorrie Goldstein, Ballard wrote the following:

“As Ontario’s independent environmental Commissioner said in her annual report, ‘putting a price on carbon by itself would not be enough to achieve Ontario’s reduction targets… Ontario needs complementary emission reduction measures.’ Continue reading »

Video – Jan Narveson “When Science is Political”

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Aug 142017

Bob and Robert were invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship held at Western University on May 13th.

Here is our recorded presentation of Jan Narveson, Emeritus Professor of philosophy at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Narveson used the current controversy surrounding climate change to speak on “When Science is Political.”

501 – subUrbane planning – From transit to transect

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Apr 202017

Central Park

With a major public meeting about the City of London’s plan to build a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system slated for Wednesday May 3 at Budweiser Gardens, now would be a good time to reflect upon the city’s larger urban plan and vision for the future.

The political push for this unnecessary and unpopular project is itself a symptom of a greater problem, one common to municipalities everywhere.

Freedom Party’s Ted Harlson, an active participant against a similar proposal in Brampton, has offered hope for those opposed to the London proposal; he says you CAN beat city hall:

“A prolonged and growing revolt climaxed with a municipal meeting of council and citizens. This was proof that the proposal was failing. The rail initiative was rightfully voted down. Citizens for a Better Brampton with freedom of information requests continuously questioned the lack of preparation regarding the subway plans.

“Brampton citizens won, shooting down their massive $1.6 billion white elephant. But this was not the end. After the costly subway push had failed, Brampton citizens voted out most of the former council members and the mayor. With organization, your city can do the same.” Continue reading »

Feb 022017

oil well

When it comes to climate, one theory holds that there’s a fifty-fifty chance that we’ll be unable to adapt to climate change 90% of the time. For the other 10% of the time there’s still a fifty-fifty chance that our odds will remain even. Of course, it depends on which side of the C02 / carbon tax issue you’re on, and on which political party you support.

Sound confusing? Confusing us is the whole point of playing the percentages warns Dave Plumb, who joins us today for a continuing discussion about both the science and politics of climate change.

Here’s a 100% certainty: CO2 production is a natural and healthy occurrence. You could even say that efforts to rid our planet of CO2 are unnatural and unhealthy.

Playing the percentages is just one of the ways politicians justify “fighting climate change” by taxing CO2 production.

Citing man-made CO2 production as a reason for “fighting climate change” – and in turn using the “fight against climate change” as a premise for taxing man-made CO2 – is a circular and fraudulent way to impose a new tax that will neither reduce world CO2 levels nor prevent climate change. Continue reading »

476 – Guest: Dave Plumb – Climate change’s CO2 diversion

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Oct 272016

Coronal Mass Ejection - NASA

Are you skeptical about climate change and CO2? If so, consider yourself in denial. At least that’s how proponents of “carbon pricing”, “carbon taxes,” “carbon trading” and of all the other variants of carbonated climate politics have framed the debate.

Having thus dismissed “climate change deniers” as both irrelevant and morally deficient, no further discussion is warranted. The debate (which never occurred) is closed. The “science is settled.”

What those who say “the science is settled” really mean is that “the Politics is settled, and we’re going ahead with our political agenda no matter what science has to say about it.”

What those who say “the science is settled” also really mean is that “science” is irrelevant to them. Since science and knowledge are never “settled,” to suggest otherwise is clear evidence of just how wrong those who utter such nonsense really can be.

Ironically, in labeling the skeptics “deniers”, it is the accusers who are the active deniers.
Continue reading »