509 – Guests: Melissa Hailey & Chris Graham – Councillors at large

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Jun 152017

Melissa Hailey and Chris Graham

On a potpourri of municipal issues

On the heels of their recent attendance at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference in Ottawa (June 1-4), we are joined in studio by Chris Graham, councillor of Central Saanich (Victoria) BC, and Melissa Hailey, former councillor who served in Sidney BC.

Remarkably, each set a record for being the youngest (male and female) municipal councillor in Canada when first elected. Today, many years after their first election, our guests share their experiences, views and opinions on a potpourri of municipal issues.

As in Ontario, British Columbia is experiencing skyrocketing housing costs. Is the problem foreign investment and capital increasing the local demand? Or is the problem on the supply side of the housing equation?

Both Ontario and British Columbia imposed a 15% tax on non-resident home buyers, though unlike Ontario’s province-wide tax, BC only imposed the tax on purchases made in Vancouver. Continue reading »

500 – Guest: Amir Farahi: Shift disturbers

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Apr 132017

Downshift London

Thanks to a growing public outcry against the concept, residents of London Ontario have been given a brief political reprieve to “Down Shift” the speed of the city’s planned “Shift” to “Bus Rapid Transit” (BRT).

The city has cooperated in a ploy to give its opposition more time to accept the “facts” about the city’s own plans – while making it appear that some sort of democratic process is taking place.

Instead of allowing such a process, Londoners have been told that “Shift happens,” and the meaning behind the twist in that expression is clear: Neither the electorate’s consent or consensus is a factor to “Shift”.

As a result, more and more Londoners are objecting to BRT.

Willfully blind to the nature of the objections, the city and BRT supporters have offered a “crocodile apology” to Londoners (without any tears) – citing a “poor job of communicating” their plans to the general public. Continue reading »

496 – Rapid transit bullShift – When ‘A’ is not ‘A’

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Mar 162017


“Shift” is the name of the City of London Ontario’s plan to spend well over half a billion (federal/provincial/municipal) tax dollars on a “Rapid Transit” system.

Supporters of Shift say the Rapid Transit service is “more than a people mover,” as the headline in the Mar 11 London Free Press expressed it. It is municipal council’s “vision for London’s future” and is fundamentally based on the “build-it-and-they-will-come” theory. A key component of this vision of the future is to get us all to leave our cars in favor of public transit, biking, and walking (as literally expressed in the Shift plan).

“Down Shift” is the name of an association of downtown London merchants who have formed to oppose the city’s “Shift.”

Ironically, these same merchants are also “members” of another “association” called the London Downtown Business Association (LDBA). When they turned to the LDBA for help, they discovered that their “association” is no such thing! Continue reading »

494 – Guest: Amir Farahi – Executive Director of The London Institute – Sanctuary cities

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Mar 022017

Amir Farahi

Armed with the courage of his convictions, Londoner Amir Farahi has launched an on-line petition, No to London, Ontario becoming a Sanctuary City, which has caused a sea of controversy in the city.

At some point, we have to stand up to the politically-correct, social-constructivist, post-modernist society that we have today. If you oppose an idea that doesn’t meet the agenda of those who call themselves ‘progressives’ – especially if you are male and white – you are automatically ‘privileged,’ you are automatically a ‘white supremacist’…

I don’t care how politically risky it is. I will stand firm.

On today’s Just Right, Amir shares some of his experiences in having become London Ontario’s principal and principled voice against the city’s motion to become a “sanctuary” for those fleeing the United States. Politically precipitated by US president Trump’s travel/immigration restrictions against seven nations (among them, Iran), Amir objects to London’s setting up any kind of “sanctuary” – from just laws.

An Iranian immigrant himself, Amir has found himself opposed by various “Marxist organizations,” including members of the Occupy Movement, Solidarity Across Borders, No One Is Illegal In London, and even a fan of Vladimir Lenin who accused him of being a ‘traitor to this country’ for opposing the sanctuary proposal. And of course, there’s the usual gang of city hall politicians and administrators who regularly seek sanctuary from the opinions of their voters. Continue reading »

493 – Ending the limits on the Uber debate

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Feb 232017


In the city of London Ontario last week, a 7-6 municipal council vote defeating a motion to force cameras into vehicles driven by Uber drivers was seen as a victory for the ride-sharing company. But the conflict between the taxi “industry” and the Uber “ride sharing service” is certainly far from over.

Vowing to “regroup” after the municipal vote setback, Roger Caranci of the London Taxi Association has been single-mindedly pushing a “safety first” justification for continuing the local taxi monopoly and maintaining the limit on the number of taxis permitted to operate in the city. It is a strategy that has remained unchanged since his first live on-air debate with Bob Metz in 2015, through his second live debate with Bob in 2016 and through his live appearance on talk radio following the municipal vote last week.

On today’s broadcast of Just Right, you’ll get to hear their on-going debate in a way that will leave no doubts in your mind about the one huge taboo topic that Mr. Caranci and the taxi industry fear most: any discussion of taxi limits.

Refusing to discuss limits forces the discussion to one of irrelevant distractions employed to keep everyone’s attention away from the limits. Continue reading »

416 – Slavery / Capitalism explained… again / Über socialist / Monopoly’s monopoly on monopoly

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Sep 032015

Hong Kong Monopoly


00:07 Slaves to slavery: economic slavery, debt as slavery, work and life as slavery, the two grand choices for production – capitalism or slavery, where life offers no choices, why natural obligations are not slavery,
18:50 Not why capitalism works: George Gilder on capitalism’s secret – altruism, refuting Gilder’s case, needs of others, greed as immediate consumption, capitalist entrepreneurs, voluntarism, hope of civilization, moral code, conditions of capitalism
34:45 Cab fair: Orest Katolyk – London bylaw enforcement, taxi monopoly, Uber charges, gild socialism, issue distractions Uber alles, technology apps, city’s protection racket, Roger Caranci, limit on number of taxi licenses, so what’s a monopoly, fixed pie economy theories behind taxi monopoly
45:00 Monopoly’s monopoly on monopoly: 80th anniversary of Monopoly – the game, Monopoly is not about capitalism, capitalists vs capitalism, a brief history of Monopoly the board game, Anti-Monopoly the board game, how Monopoly helped WWII prisoners in Germany, Sept 2015 monopoly tournament in Macau China 57:33 END

405 – Just Right Media / Idea-illogical / Patrick ideological Brownout

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Jun 182015

Patrick Brown


00:07 Greater than the sum: Just Right updates, audio productions, video productions, plans for print productions
16:45 Blurring the debate with meaningless concepts: participatory democracy, monopolies, London municipal strike, teachers strike, Canada Post super mailboxes, business and labour monpolies, competition, clear meanings, predictable consequences
27:20 Putting people first is idea-illogical: putting people before ideology, ideology, floating adjectives and abstractions
35:15 Patrick’s ideological Brownout: Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown, Christine Elliott, pragmatism, progressive, conservative, fiscal conservatism, compassionate conservatism, Bill Davis, David Peterson, anti-capitalists, avoiding ideological labels, moving the conversation forward 57:02 END