Sep 262019

Justin Trudeau

Sometimes the hypocrisy inherent in a person’s actions can be a cover to hide what he is really being hypocritical about. That’s certainly true when it comes to the crocodile tear ‘apologies’ offered by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau upon the revelation of a past in which he wore ‘blackface’ as a costume – on at least three known occasions that surfaced in the first week of Canada’s election.

Even though this is a behavior that Trudeau had in past publicly labeled ‘racist,’ most Canadians are rightly reluctant to label Trudeau a racist solely on the grounds of wearing ‘blackface’ in costume some decades ago. This is ironic, given that it is Trudeau himself who continues to insist that his wearing ‘blackface’ was a racist act and who insists on apologizing for it. But this is mere distraction.

Because the real racism Trudeau should be apologizing for is his use of race for the purpose of pandering to win elections and thus, political power. His strategy is, after all, what objectively defines racism: “the utilization of racial differences, actual or supposed, for political ends.” (Universal World Reference Encyclopedia) Continue reading »

Salim Mansur – From One Brownface to Another

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Sep 232019

Salim Mansur, a brown-faced immigrant from India dismisses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brownface faux pas as nothing more than grandstanding and attention-seeking by a third-rate actor.

He does not, however, forgive his more egregious faults: ethics violations, interfering with justice, dismissing women from his caucus, and destroying Canada’s economy.

Salim is the People’s Party of Canada candidate for London North Centre and is a frequent contributor to Just Right Media.

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Salim Mansur – Justin Trudeau Has a Problem

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Jun 052019

Guilt by association is a smear tactic used by Justin Trudeau, his Liberal Party of Canada, and his loyal Canadian media. The latest attack is against Conservative Party Leader, Andrew Scheer in the June issue of MacLean’s which tried to associate him with supposed “white supremacists.”

If one were to examine Trudeau and his Liberals and use the same guilt by association attack one would find more than alleged “white supremacists.” One would find terrorists, convicted attempted assassins, and yes, even white supremacists – real Nazis.

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University and Just Right Media contributor, suggests that Canada deserves better than such low-handed mud slinging and demonstrates that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.



Salim Mansur – Canada’s Digital Charter – Trudeau’s Latest Assault on Free Speech

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May 272019

With the introduction of Canada’s “Digital Charter” it is as if Justin Trudeau has taken a page out of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four— committing yet another assault on our freedoms.

Placing partisan unionists on the panel to select which Liberal-friendly media outlet should receive his bribe money to keep conservative voices from being expressed is taking a page from Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

In all his actions Justin Trudeau is making himself out to be a tyrant in the style of the Chinese communists which he so admires.

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University makes a plea to stop this full-frontal onslaught of our freedoms before it is too late and we lose that one freedom which makes all our other freedoms possible: our freedom of speech.



The Easter Worshipers vs The State Worshipers – The Danielle Metz Show 060

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May 082019

Audio only. As heard on WBCQ

Identity politics seems to have reached its limit when Christians become victims.

In the wake of the Easter Sri Lanka church bombings by Islamic jihadists the tweets of condolences by high-ranking Democrats led by Barack Obama have given us a brief glimpse into their ideology and their psyches.

Rather than identify the targets of the bombing as Christians, as they clearly were, Barack Obama tweeted an offering of prayer to the “tourists” and “Easter worshippers” affected by the bombings. Hillary Clinton and many other prominent “Obama worshipers” quickly and dutifully followed suit tweeting out their response to the death of the followers of this new-found religion of “Easter worshiping.”

The word “Christians” must have stuck in their throats as they typed out their condolences. Rather than admit the obvious, that peaceful Christians were the victims and jihadist Muslims were the terrorists, these leading Leftists decided to rebrand an entire religion and in doing so revealed their own religious bias as “State worshipers.”

595 – Fake views about fake news

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Feb 142019


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal government has announced a sinister plan to curb ‘fake news,’ political ‘misinformation,’ and ‘foreign influence’ in Canada’s elections.

Supporters of the Trudeau Plan, like the Globe and Mail’s ‘disinformation expert’ Marcus Kolga, actually believe that it does not go far enough, and ‘divisive’ ideas and discussions like those about ‘anti-immigration and anti-globalism’ should be even further curbed on social media.

All of this is reprehensible, and should be loudly condemned. We have one clear message for Trudeau and his fake supporters: “So fake off already – and get real!”

False news reports have been with us since the news itself. But as we learn on today’s broadcast, the current context of the term ‘fake news’ was first introduced on October 13, 2016 in an Obama speech calling for a campaign to “curate information in the wild west media environment.” Continue reading »

Video – The multicultural lie – Salim Mansur

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Feb 052019

“All cultures are not equal. Never have been.

“The cultures of the Taliban, the cultures of the Bedouin and nomads of North Africa or Sahara or Arabian desert, the culture that accepts female genital mutilation or promotes polygamy is not a culture that is equal to a culture that is based upon the rights of individuals, freedom, the culture that has landed man on the moon, that has decoded the DNA.”

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus of Western University, takes us on a trip through Canadian history to show how Canada has gone from being a nation founded on the uniquely Western values of individual rights and freedom to a country without a “core identity” as Justin Trudeau has so proudly crowed.

Salim begins at the beginning with the BNA Act, proceeds to the Bilingualism and Bicultural Commission of 1967, the Air India bombing of 1985, the ethnic silos in our major cities, and ends with the impending appeasement of the Muslim community as they come to this country by the tens of thousands demanding that Canada accommodate their backward culture.

The result is a country made up not of individuals but of groups and ethnic tribes competing for political influence and power. A country of rudderless political parties willing to sell the country’s soul to get the favour of hyphenated Canadians and, most importantly, their votes. The worst culprit has been the Liberal Party of Canada beginning with Pierre Trudeau and coming full circle with his son, Justin.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada have accelerated Canada’s decline as a once-proud country to become, as Trudeau has claimed, the first “post-national state.” In his rush to follow in his father’s footsteps he has subjected us to increased acts of terrorism, a complete disregard for immigration laws as evidenced by those crossing the border illegally and being met with open-arms, and a cultural shift away from individual freedom and towards ethnic conflict and Sharia.