Jun 172022

Is Canada a nation in its death throes or a nation yet to be born? Given that we’ve never truly been an independent mature nation because of our history we may still be in the process of our political birth as an independent nation, maybe not the one we expected. Or maybe Canada is a tragedy that will never reach its potential because its political parents are in the process of aborting their political child of freedom. Or worse, that Canadians themselves are committing national suicide.

These questions, posed by Bob Metz on the June 2nd episode of Just Right are answered by our guest, Professor Salim Mansur of Western University who revisits Canada’s history from the 1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham through to the Truckers’ Convoy of 2022.

In the final analysis, he concludes, that Canada is and has been a vassal state—a nation dependent on others for its well-being. Prior to WWII, it was Great Britain. From WWII until the end of the Cold War it was the United States. And since then, Canada continues to be a vassal state of the Globalist neocons in Washington in league with the EU and the World Economic Forum. Continue reading »

Jun 022022

In light of the history and status of Canada in the geopolitical world conveyed by our guest Salim Mansur, Canada’s current involvement in Ukraine makes it clear that its foreign policy has not been crafted in the interests of Canadians.

Without any due process or public debate, the Canadian government has joined the United Nations’ globalist effort to cause a “regime change” in Russia. “Putin and his henchmen are war criminals,” outrageously declared Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, in projecting her own culpability in supporting Ukraine’s neo-nazis onto Putin.

Canada has no legitimate role in Ukraine that serves either the interests or security of Canadians. Worse, Canada is supporting the true war criminals in the Ukraine conflict. Without a clearly defined foreign policy that puts Canada first, suggests Salim, Canada will be forever acting in the interests of a globalist agenda.

It seems that “foreign to reason” may be the simplest way to describe Canada’s foreign policy in a way that’s Just Right.

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Canada First—A concept foreign to Canada’s foreign policy | Salim Mansur

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May 242022

Since Confederation Canada’s policies regarding war have always been as a follower; a follower of Mother Britain (Boer War, WWI, WWII), a follower of the United States (Avro Arrow, Bomarc Missile) and a follower of the United Nations (Korea, Cyprus, Rwanda, Balkans…).

During those times it did not join the US in battle—Vietnam and the second Gulf War—it had been because such actions were not sanctioned by the UN.

The current conflict in Ukraine only demonstrates, once again, that Canada does not have a foreign policy which benefits Canadians. Rather, its position is crafted to ingratiate itself to its betters in the United Nations.

In this discussion, Professor Salim Mansur explains that Canada has been living in a globalist fog which prevents it from asserting its own best interests in foreign affairs and from having a “Canada First” foreign policy. Worse, as a “post-national state” without a “core identity” as Justin Trudeau has described Canada, it has no concept of what its national interests even are.

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Apr 222022

In an era of massive violations of individual rights by tyrannical governments around the world British cartoonist, Bob Moran’s work has become iconic for the freedom movement. His artwork both pokes fun at the political elites while revealing their true nature as despots.

He has recently teamed up with The Democracy Fund, a Canadian charity promoting the cause of individual rights and freedom.

Robert Vaughan spoke with Mr. Moran about The Democracy Fund, his political motivations, and his influence on a culture in decline and in desperate need of positive imagery and inspirational humour.

This video is also available on Rumble here.

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753 – Oh Canada!—Farewell the peaceful kingdom

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Apr 072022

In 1995, Canadian historian Joe C.W. Armstrong published his monumental work: Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom – The Seduction and Rape of Canada, 1963 to 1994. In retrospect, it is an alarming account of Canadian politics made all the more so by its chilling 1995 prediction perfectly describing the Canada of 2022 and beyond.

Consider what was written on page 2 of the introductory chapter: “Increasingly it is evident that technocrats will be the only ones with great wealth while the bulk of humankind sinks to a level of slavery previously unknown. In his trenchant work Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, Neil Postman writes:

“’It is to be expected that the winners will encourage the losers to be enthusiastic about computer technology. They will tell them that their lives will be conducted more efficiently. But discreetly they neglect to say from whose point of view the efficiency is warranted or what might be its costs…’”

Although there was no way for anyone in 1995 to be aware of terms like ‘Agenda 2020’ or the ‘Great Re-set,’ we have already witnessed the technocratic elite encourage us to be enthusiastic about “owning nothing and being happy.” And they’ve also announced their high-tech plans to conduct our lives more efficiently via their patented injections and ‘vax’ passports. Continue reading »

750 – Ukraine’s bio-illogical labyrinth

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Mar 172022

In observing the ‘mainstream’ media’s attempts to interpret Vladimir Putin’s strategy in Ukraine, one can see that they are at a loss because Putin’s actions do not match their own narratives, expectations, or Left wing biases.

Despite Putin’s explicit and measured advance announcements regarding his intentions in Ukraine – and despite clear evidence that he has thus far followed through on them – Western media pundits appear to be completely confused about Putin’s strategy, to the point where their ‘confusion’ is suspect.

As a typical example, long-time syndicated British columnist Gwynn Dyer argued that Putin’s strategy was the result of “magical thinking.” He wrote: “Standard Russian doctrine for attacking a country the size of Ukraine calls for methodical advance, with massive artillery and air strikes paving the way and logistical support following close behind.”

Because Putin did not adhere to this ‘doctrine’ and instead followed through on his own declared intentions, Dyer resorted to what might be called ‘magical reporting’ by declaring Putin’s ‘invasion’ a failure and by never once mentioning the American-funded bio-labs already known to be in Ukraine. Known as ‘lying by omission,’ this practice has become a mainstay of the ‘fake news’ media – in addition to simply lying by lying.

Watching the mainstream media pundits churn and squirm as they try to reconcile their fake narratives with the real circumstances in Ukraine surely has a certain entertainment value. However, the tragedy behind all of this fake news comedy is that there are still millions who believe the lies and drink the mind-poisoning ‘kool aid’ with the passion of a drug addict in need of a fix.

Particularly disturbing is the spectacle of citizens in Western nations clamoring to help and support a country as corrupt as Ukraine – while condemning those fighting the corruption. In their semi-conscious state induced by media propaganda they’ll never be able to understand what’s ‘wrong’ in Ukraine, let alone ever discover what’s Just Right.

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749 – Shattered Truths—from Covid to Ukraine

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Mar 102022

What do Covid-19, mandated vaccinations, rotating lockdowns, the stolen US election, coronavirus, bio-labs, genetic engineering, Russia, NATO, inflation, the Canadian and American Truckers’ convoy, the millions of adverse reactions to the mandated injections, mask mandates, climate change, censorship and the crisis in Ukraine all have in common?

On all these issues, the so-called ‘mainstream media’ has been relentlessly creating confusion and distrust in an effort to keep the public from recognizing the real nature of the threat: Globalism and the Great Re-set.

In addition to their steady stream of propaganda of lies and disinformation, globalists have been forced to resort to censorship and other instruments of tyranny to achieve their objectives. There are so many seemingly separate issues to disentangle from one another that the task seems insurmountable.

As each of the globalist narratives begins to crumble, doubt begins to enter the minds of those who originally believed them. And when one’s ‘truth’ has been shattered, a very personal crisis ensues. That’s because a ‘shattered truth’ can only be shattered through one’s own discovery and acknowledgement that some ‘other’ truth exists – a narrative that differs from the previously held belief.

The personal crisis ends when one can see the truth in a light that’s Just Right, even when the truth reveals an uncomfortable reality that isn’t right in any way.

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