Aug 022018


Anyone attending his London Ontario appearance at Centennial Hall on July 21 would have noticed that Jordan Peterson’s message is no longer focused on gender issues or on his conflict with university policies. His mission has now turned towards philosophical fundamentals and the determination of Truth.

In this venture, Dr Peterson has relied heavily upon religious and mythological symbolism and metaphor, while finding himself opposed to most ‘atheistic’ philosophical interpretations of Truth. Secular philosophies, he suggests, are incapable of describing humanity’s Truth, lacking “an animated, spiritual world, saturated with meaning, imbued with moral purpose.”

This view of Truth has now itself become subject to a growing controversy, one ironically being debated amongst those who are already generally agreed that Truth and Reality are objectively determined – which includes today’s show panelists as they review some of the ideas of Jordan Peterson.

Do abstractions and religious stories used to describe Truth help clarify or confuse the issue? The correct answer may simply depend on perspective and context. Continue reading »

The Danielle Metz Show – 021 – The cage

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Jul 082018

It’s clear that the world will never learn the truth about what’s really happening at the Mexican-American border, if the fake news media continues to report ‘facts’ that just ain’t so.

That’s the reality that comes to light as Danielle and Robert look at some of those facts, best illustrated by Time magazine’s fake news story featured on a recent cover with the heading: “Welcome to America.”

It’s not the fake cover photo with Trump looking down at a young child purported ‘ripped’ from her mother’s custody at the Mexican-American border that’s at issue. That could be fair editorial comment. What’s at issue is the fake news story that the cover represents.

The devil is in the details, as with many stories of this nature. Not only was the young child never ‘ripped’ – or even separated – from the custody of her mother, but the mother herself was in custody of the child illegally. And that’s the tip of this particular iceberg. Continue reading »

561 – Trump trade tirade

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Jun 212018


It’s too bad that the substance of U.S. President Donald Trump’s statement at the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec on June 9 was utterly lost on the general public. His message needed to be heard.

The media tirades against Trump’s policy on trade serve a purpose and it is not to enlighten. Their purpose is to create confusion about where Trump stands on free trade, to hide corrupt trade practices like ‘Supply Management’ in Canada, and to express their hatred about the reality that U.S. President Donald Trump holds all the cards – and Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau holds none.

Both the mainstream media and Leftist political interests portray Trump’s threats of tariffs and trade barriers as a threat to the status quo trade that exists now. None want to acknowledge Trump’s strategy as a means to push other nations to drop their own tariffs, barriers, and subsidies – which is exactly what Donald Trump has been telling them he’s doing all along.

“No tariffs. No barriers. No subsidies. That’s the way it should be,” Trump stressed at the G7 Summit, but few have even heard these words, and continue to believe that Trump is against ‘free trade.’ Continue reading »

554 – Possibly political? Probably.

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May 032018

Kim and Moon

Is it possible? Is it probable? Is it plausible? Those are just a few of the ‘p’ words that strike at the heart of Obama-appointed ex-FBI director James Comey‘s stating it was “possible” that a “pee tape” involving Donald Trump and Russian prostitutes actually exists.

“I don’t know whether the current president of the United States was with prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow in 2013,” said Comey on a broadcast breakfast television interview relating to the release of his book.

It’s possible, but I don’t know.

Welcome to the politics of ‘possibilities’ – an increasingly popular way of spreading fake news without accountability. Continue reading »

552 – Guest: Salim Mansur – Free speech to free trade

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Apr 192018

Mark Zuckerberg

In attempting to live up to the ideals of free speech and free trade, the complexity of achieving each soon becomes apparent. That’s because in practice, neither of these ideals literally exists – even in the Western nations that rightly hold them as high virtues.

Given the best of intentions, it is highly doubtful that Mark Zuckerberg’s recent grilling before a US Senate hearing committee will actually pave the way towards any guarantee of ‘free speech’ on Facebook. His hauntingly welcome acceptance of government regulation on ‘privacy’ issues that would affect how he runs his Facebook business model may well open the barn door to the entrenchment of regulated speech – by government.

Said Zuckerberg: “Our position is not that regulation is bad. I think the Internet is so important in people’s lives and it’s getting more important, the expectations on Internet companies and technology companies overall are growing. And I think the real question is ‘What is the right framework for this?’ not ‘Should there be one?’” Continue reading »

546 – At war with trade / The bad Samaritan

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Mar 082018

Pouring Steel

No good deed goes unpunished, especially if that good deed results in a win-win situation. That’s the lesson being enforced by the City of London’s crackdown on one driver who offered inexpensive rides to cancer patients.

It all began when a story broke that the city had carried out a ‘sting’ operation and fined a volunteer driver for offering a personalized two-way transportation service to these patients – because she charged a nominal fee ($12) to cover her own expenses.

Though strongly supportive of the driver, the community’s collective outrage unfortunately became misdirected against bylaw enforcement officers who were merely acting in accordance with bylaws established by an elected municipal council. That rage should have been directed at the city’s controlled and regulated taxi industry, which is the source of the trade prohibition being forced upon each side – both the driver and the driver’s passengers.

Called a ‘good Samaritan’ by many, the anonymous driver (referred to as ‘Nancy’ in some media coverage) was praised for her selfless service to others. It was widely expressed that without people like ‘Nancy’ available for those in need, the needy would have no other affordable transportation options. The outpouring of support from Londoners was expressed through open-line calls, letters to the editor, complaints to city hall, and thousands of dollars raised through public funding drives. Continue reading »

Jan 042018


Still suffering from the Trump Derangement Syndrome, North America’s “establishment” media during 2017 continued to misrepresent the president at every opportunity. Why? (1) To discredit Donald Trump, and, (2) To cover up the real scandals in the Democratic camp, many that are criminal and treasonous in nature.

As the establishment news media continues to disseminate “fake news” as its means of opposing Trump and hiding self-evident truths, it’s always refreshing to have Salim Mansur join us for a real news update. U.S. President Donald Trump has already accomplished more during his first year in office than most presidents accomplish within their entire mandates, notes Salim.

For example, it took Donald Trump to finally execute America’s long-standing policy of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s legitimate capital city. It took Donald Trump to decisively defeat ISIS, the terrorist group that was aided and abetted by the policies of the previous American administration. It took Donald Trump to enact the always-promised-but-never-delivered tax-cuts for Americans. It took Donald Trump to deregulate America beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Under Donald Trump, the American economy is once again booming as it has not done in decades.

Trump has not only put America first; he is also advising other nations to do the same by encouraging them to similarly act in their own best interests. Continue reading »