Aug 122018

No matter its legal status, abortion continues to generate a polarized debate that will never be aborted. Which ‘right’ is the valid right? The ‘right’ to an abortion or the ‘right’ to life? Given polarized views of life, death, and individual rights – the abortion controversy is perpetual.

Whatever one’s view on the subject, the idea of ‘celebrating’ abortion as one might celebrate life has forced the issue back into the spotlight. In a skit that has arguably ‘crossed the line,’ comedienne Michelle Wolf’s recent ‘celebration of abortion’ (The Break / Netflix) was not particularly funny in the view of many.

Wolf’s skit reflects the Left’s nihilistic view of life, suggest Danielle and Robert in their consideration of the moral and ethical issues involved: “normalizing abortion by making it heroic.”

Calls for the outright prohibition of abortion have long been associated with the Right, particularly since those calls have been seen to originate from the so-called ‘social’ conservatives. In contrast, ‘fiscal’ and ‘pragmatic’ conservatives prefer to leave the abortion issue off the political table entirely – while ‘progressive’ conservatives would fully support a Leftist agenda. Continue reading »

The Danielle Metz Show – 023 – The intellectual dark web

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Aug 052018

Need to shine a light on today’s most important political and social controversies? Apparently the place to go is to the intellectual ‘dark web’ or perhaps even to the critical ‘darker’ web where disagreements abound, but honesty, a respect for free speech, and a general sincere desire to improve humanity’s condition seem to be the common ground on which its debaters stand.

In their quick review of a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ on the ‘dark web,’ Robert and Danielle highlight the contrasts and similarities among its most notable representatives – whether on the Left or Right. They include Gad Saad, Joe Rogan, Camille Paglia, Owen Benjamin, Lindsay Shepherd, Christina Hoff Somers, Douglas Murray, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Steven Crowder, Matt Christensen – and of course, Eric Weinstein.

In his recent conversation with Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson (Rubin Report, June 29/18), Weinstein proposed “hermaphroditic parties” that ‘combine’ elements of right and left. Of course, such a notion is one that can only emanate from the Left. But his is a ‘Left’ largely disassociated from its namesake (where no debate or discussion is permitted) – and thus finds itself, like the Right, on the so-called ‘dark web.’

Whether on the Left or Right, members of the ‘dark web’ generally tend to be united in a search for ‘truth’ through open and honest debate and discussion.

The irony of all this of course, is that in order to create the free speech environment where true alternative viewpoints can be freely discussed, it was necessary to move toward the side of the political polarity that is Just Right.

Aug 022018


Anyone attending his London Ontario appearance at Centennial Hall on July 21 would have noticed that Jordan Peterson’s message is no longer focused on gender issues or on his conflict with university policies. His mission has now turned towards philosophical fundamentals and the determination of Truth.

In this venture, Dr Peterson has relied heavily upon religious and mythological symbolism and metaphor, while finding himself opposed to most ‘atheistic’ philosophical interpretations of Truth. Secular philosophies, he suggests, are incapable of describing humanity’s Truth, lacking “an animated, spiritual world, saturated with meaning, imbued with moral purpose.”

This view of Truth has now itself become subject to a growing controversy, one ironically being debated amongst those who are already generally agreed that Truth and Reality are objectively determined – which includes today’s show panelists as they review some of the ideas of Jordan Peterson.

Do abstractions and religious stories used to describe Truth help clarify or confuse the issue? The correct answer may simply depend on perspective and context. Continue reading »

Lindsay Shepherd & David Haskell: Academic freedom

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Jun 192018

Lindsay Shepherd recounts her story to the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship.

With a bit of humour and a lot of grace she details the deplorable harassment she received at the hands of those who should have been her objective mentors. The personal consequences she has had to endure for standing up to her tormentors have been substantial.

In this Just Right Media exclusive video Lindsay Shepherd is interviewed by Professor David Haskell on the finer particulars of her predicament at Wilfred Laurier University. The discussion took place at the 2018 AGM of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship and is followed by a question and answer period.

Mark Mercer – “Honest rudeness or insincere civility”

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Jun 192018

As part of a series of video presentations dealing with academic freedom and freedom of speech we present Dr. Mark Mercer, President of The Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship.

Dr. Mercer introduces SAFS, its mission, beliefs, and goals, and follows with “Honest rudeness or insincere civility.”

He is the first of four presenters at the Annual General Meeting of SAFS which took place at the University of Western Ontario on May 5, 2018.

Gad Saad – “A Tsunami of Maladies Afflicting the Soul of Our Universities”

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Jun 192018

Once again Just Right was privileged to be able to record the presentations at the Annual General Meeting of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS).

Gad Saad, Professor of Marketing and Conordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioural Science and Darwinian Consumption and host of The Saad Truth on Youtube was the keynote speaker at this year’s AGM.

His presentation introduces a number of novel concepts adding to our understanding of the threats posed to academic freedom and freedom of speech. These concepts include: idea pathogens, collective Munchausen by proxy, and nomological networks of cumulative experience.

“Idea pathogens are pathogens of the human mind, pathogens of the human spirit that regrettably could potentially be as dangerous as biological pathogens.

“Radical feminism, post-modernism, social constructivism, cultural and moral relativism, political correctness, echo chambers void of intellectual diversity, the culture of perpetual offensive victimhood, identity politics coupled with progressive self flagellation. Each of these are really really dangerous idea pathogens.”

Dr. Saad’s presentation was followed by a lively discussion and question period with the members of SAFS.

546 – At war with trade / The bad Samaritan

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Mar 082018

Pouring Steel

No good deed goes unpunished, especially if that good deed results in a win-win situation. That’s the lesson being enforced by the City of London’s crackdown on one driver who offered inexpensive rides to cancer patients.

It all began when a story broke that the city had carried out a ‘sting’ operation and fined a volunteer driver for offering a personalized two-way transportation service to these patients – because she charged a nominal fee ($12) to cover her own expenses.

Though strongly supportive of the driver, the community’s collective outrage unfortunately became misdirected against bylaw enforcement officers who were merely acting in accordance with bylaws established by an elected municipal council. That rage should have been directed at the city’s controlled and regulated taxi industry, which is the source of the trade prohibition being forced upon each side – both the driver and the driver’s passengers.

Called a ‘good Samaritan’ by many, the anonymous driver (referred to as ‘Nancy’ in some media coverage) was praised for her selfless service to others. It was widely expressed that without people like ‘Nancy’ available for those in need, the needy would have no other affordable transportation options. The outpouring of support from Londoners was expressed through open-line calls, letters to the editor, complaints to city hall, and thousands of dollars raised through public funding drives. Continue reading »