407 – It’s all Greek to me

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Jul 022015

Jason and the Argonauts


00:07 It’s all Greek to me – from philosophy to crisis: Greece’s debt default, Greek referendum, issues in bailout deal
14:10 Shared roots, different branches – Europeans and the Greeks: Ancient Greece, discovery of philosophy, slavery, history of Europe’s relationship with Greece, Greece’s options, symbolism of inclusion, psychological issues
27:00 Greece’s unhealthy health care philosophy: Greece as a bad example to the rest of the world, Greek health care crisis, Greek prescription drug crisis, Greek currency crisis, no European recovers, beware of Italy
45:40 The Greek gods – religiously secular: Greek mythology and legends, separation of the heavens and earth, not religion but a story, Jason and the Argonauts (2000), the Greek gods, reason as the weapon to resist the gods
59:51 END

399 – Cash flow / Fiddling with tradition

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May 072015



00:07 Prescription for description: symbolism and abstractions, market mechanism, water flow as a market analogy, prescriptive vs descriptive laws, law of supply and demand, law of gravity, natural gravitation, social gravitation, profit and loss, natural vs unnatural
18:55 Smart economy – smart phone: rationing, artificial pricing, economy as best deal for lowest price, technology, smart economy, smart phones, flow of capital and cash
30:25 Traditional Harmonies: social harmony, family, social bonds, fellowship, voluntary co-operation, common culture, changing tradition, force strains social bonds, discomfort and upheaval of change
39:40 Trading Traditions: John Macmurray on traditions, religion as organized shared world views, family, fellowship, capacity for reflection, religion and the fellowship of communion, continuity of culture through time, nature worship and intentionality, shared rituals, common intentions through representation, creating a persistent vision of community, breaking with tradition, traditions maintained by mutual consent, loss of tradition accompanied by loss of knowledge, when traditions fail 57:30 END

375 – Guest: Keith Weiner – Founder: Gold Standard Institute USA

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Nov 062014

Keith Weiner


GUEST: Keith Weiner – Gold Standard Institute USA
00:07 Fools about gold? challenging assumptions about gold, returning to the gold standard, a moral issue, printing fiat money, legal tender laws, capital gains tax, forced to hoard gold and silver, prohibition of gold ownership, 1929-1933 history
15:15 Not just a marginal issue: marginal utility – what makes gold different, the value of gold, cornering the silver market, human inventory of gold and silver, money supply and prices, observation vs theory, Gold Standard movement’s tragic mistake – focusing on prices, wealthy at risk
32:25 Militantly indifferent: price of gold, gold standard, Coinage Act 1792, no price of gold before 1971, extinguishing debt, why debt accumulates, resistance to the gold standard, what is really wrong with the dollar,
45:00 From paper to gold: Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, central planning of money, from ending slavery to ending prohibition, the destruction of capital, falling rate of interest, fiat victims – retirees and unemployed 57:38 END

347 – The middle has no class / Political snake oil / Toronto 4/20

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Apr 242014

The Middle Class


00:07 The middle has no class: the middle class, government protecting the middle class, free enterprise, success, lowering standard of living, government spending cuts, protecting the middle class – from government, classless society, College of Trades, Obama’s reign of error, job creation, inflation, money supply
17:35 Reign of error? government mistakes, gold, Sparta, inflation, tripling of US money supply, cut in wages, standard of living, government pensions, snake oil, nice people
30:35 Kathleen Wynne’s leadersh*t leadership: Kathleen Wynne vs NDP and PC, unions, labour, College of Trades, Wynne’s proposed partnership – government-business – government-labour, Ontario budget and election, technology and the internet, economic history of the automobile, creation of wealth and high wages
48:10 Catch A Fire: Toronto 4/20: Toronto 4/20, Vapor Central, London 4/20, policing pot events 55:53 END

337 – Bitcoin or bitcon? / Society vs the patient / Bread & circuses / Sadder Budweiser

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Feb 132014



02:54 : Bitcoin or bitcon? Bitcoin, Canadian Federal Budget, online currencies, Satoshi Nakamoto, volatility of Bitcoin, to each his own, fiat currencies, money laundering, government control of currencies, inflation
16:34 : Health Scare: No patience with patients Andrew Brannon, Freedom Party of Ontario, health care, the needs of the community vs the needs of patients, hospital planning based on community needs, hospital funding, patients needs are subordinated to political power, endless hospital planning studies, profit and loss, influence by pressure groups like ONA and RNAO, the separation of health care and the state, as your economics is sick so is your health care
34:10 : No bread, just circuses: London’s growing white elephant collection Check your premises – The Monument Builders – Ayn Rand, The Normal School purchase, YMCA, It’s not their money, Performing Arts Centre, Celebration Centre, Grand Theatre, Centennial Hall, opportunity for our elected mis-representatives, population threshold for the arts
51:25 : Sadder, Budweiser Budweiser Gardens a failure not a success, JLC, Orlando Zamprognia said it all before, perpetual debt on white elephants, clash of visions 57:09 : End

324 – Guest: Ted Wernham: President – Wernham Wealth Management, Past Chair – London Transit Commission, Four-term member of London City Council

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Oct 312013

Ted Wernham


00:07 Last Survivors Of The Middle Class: Guest: Ted Wernham, CHRW radio, wealth vs money, wealth management a process, drowning in information and starving for knowledge, streams of income, don’t save money in RSPs, unlocking retirement accounts, explaining the Canada Pension Plan, underfunded government pensions, last survivors of the middle class, redistributing the private wealth, retirement myths, universal old age security
18:00 Municipal Poll-itics: municipal politics, get back to what’s real, municipal government – business or government, provision of service, clean water – removal of waste – protection, customer not provider, municipal scandals, responsibility in government, back to fundamentals, ombudsman on ‘Billygate’, politics by poll, respecting the position held, public transit inconvenience, public transit monopoly, easy to change legislation if you choose to, garbage collection rotating calendar
33:34 State Of Finance: cost of government services, debts and deficits, quantitative easing is printing currency, future financing and interest, can’t run your household the way government does, income tax, US dollar as world’s reserve currency, short term politicians, the US treasury’s ‘gold coin’, who cares for the elderly?, pension plan claw-backs
46:09 Trading Perspectives: New York commodities exchange, stock exchanges then and now, positive future, retirement planning, living older than expected, is retirement real?, lifestyle by poll, freedom 55 a myth, pension gap, working because you want to, positive power of negative thinking 58:59 END

322 – Money: Morality’s public barometer / Flawed politicians / Tea Party 2.0

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Oct 172013


00:07 Morality’s Public Barometer – Money: US debt ceiling, moral crisis, Pope Francis, pope attacks global economic system, men and women – not money, Vatican Bank, money, wealth, poverty, people before profit, study wealth not poverty, Jeffrey Sachs, Millennium Villages Project, quest to end poverty, wealth is is a human creation, poverty fighters, wealth is production
21:45 Flawed Thinking About Flawed Politicians: voting, flawed political candidates, redistributing the wealth, no honest politicians, free enterprise, solving poverty
34:53 Mything The Point Of The Tea Party: tarred and feathered, Boston Tea Party December 16 1773, not taxes but representation, a struggle for democracy, American founders were men of enlightenment, taxation without representation, the greater tyranny, a historical footnote – 1776
51:05 From Tea Party To Tar Party: modern Tea Party founding, masses think they’re ‘Paul’, philosophical revolution not yet probable, ignorant rabble, altruism vs egoism, looking for a real Tea Party 58:58 END