DMS 041 – The special Christmas episode

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Dec 232018

What makes this Christmas particularly ‘special’ is that Danielle is able to be here to share the season with us. Last year, as listeners to December 13th’s Just Right discovered, Danielle spent her Christmas hospitalized in an intensive care unit with little expectation of survival. This year, she opens the show with a reminder that “the corpse still has the floor” – citing a line from one of her favorite Christmas movies, The Ref.

Indeed, Christmas is that time of year when Christmas movies and music become a hot topic of discussion as people cite their favorite and least favorite entertainment representatives of the season. Added to the usual disagreements over which songs/movies are the best or worst, has been the inappropriate but inevitable racist/sexist narratives pushed by the social justice warriors who are oblivious to the original Christmas spirit underlying the targets of their criticisms.

From the controversy surrounding the song, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ to social justice concerns about the ‘bullying’ in Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, the Christmas season is becoming the silly season.

And on the seasonal matter of giving and receiving, while Robert suggests that to say ‘it is better to give than to receive’ represents a moral inequity, Danielle interprets ‘better’ simply as ‘easier’ – which may itself ‘present’ an inequity of a different kind. Any way you look at it, whether giving or receiving, it’s always best to do so in the spirit that’s Just Right for the Christmas season.

DMS 040 – The joke is on us

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Dec 162018

Social justice warriors were clearly on the warpath at the Women in Entertainment gala earlier this month when comedienne Hanna Gadsby delivered a rousing speech defining her subjective boundaries of morality along gender and racial lines.

We are judged by what we find funny, begins Danielle, and cites the recent controversy surrounding comedian Kevin Hart. In 2010, Hart performed a stand-up routine about his personal discomfort at the prospect of being able to relate to his young son, should his son turn out to be gay. Not offensive by any means, nor considered so by anyone in 2010, it nevertheless became grounds enough for Hart to have to step down from hosting the upcoming Oscars. In today’s world of political correctness, Hart’s 2010 performance is considered anti-gay.

Comedy was once considered ‘the’ so-called ‘safe space’ for free speech – a refuge open to both testing and stretching the envelope of acceptable discourse and observation through the safety of humor. But today’s mainstream comedy has become a litany of political correctness and virtue signaling. Continue reading »

Inconveniently Screwed – The science debunking the politics of climate change

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Dec 072018

When Al Gore released his “An Inconvenient Truth” video the world was taken in by a science that neither they nor Gore truly understood.

With his book, “Inconveniently Screwed,” author Dave Plumb unravels the science behind climate change and in doing so debunks many of the myths and junk science promulgated by climate change alarmists, politicians, media, and yes, even some scientists.

This Just Right exclusive is a follow up to our interview with Dave Plumb on show #579 – The Frozen Debate on Climate Change which aired October 25, 2018.

Howard Rotberg – The Ideological Path to Submission

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Sep 242018

Howard Rotberg is a Canadian publisher (Mantua Books) and author of four books. Previously authoring The Second Catastrophe: A Novel about a Book and its Author, Exploring Vancouverism: The Political Culture of Canada’s Lotus Land, Tolerism: The Ideology Revealed (in its second (revised) edition), he now shares his solution to the ever-increasing woes begotten by the West’s ‘tolerism’ in his latest book, The Ideological Path to Submission: …and what we can do about it.

He has contributed over the years to many newspapers, magazines and websites, including VancouverSun, Pajamas Media, Frontpage Magazine, Freedom Press Canada Journal, and others.

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Sep 022018

Public apologies to the collective have become a rage for the Left these days, and the apologies themselves reveal much about this new social(ist) media fad:

“I am deeply sorry for my inappropriate and insensitive words and ‘likes’ on social media. I take full responsibility for my actions and I sincerely apologize. This has been a pivotal life lesson for me. I’m dedicated to becoming a more informed and educated version of myself.” So said actor Israel Broussard (Net Flix – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) in response to the criticism he received for his own social media posts and ‘likes.’

The reason the Left likes apologies like Broussard’s is because the apologies themselves are being made TO the Left. The climate of intolerance surrounding the predominantly Left Hollywood crowd these days is downright ‘Orwellian’ notes Danielle in conversation with Robert about this continuing sinister trend.

The visible gap between the morality and character of the heroes often played by Hollywood actors on TV and in the movies – and their own real values as expressed on social media and in the news – is disappointing to say the least. Worse, while there are still exceptions, most ‘Hollywood’ productions themselves no longer even express positive values. Continue reading »

Aug 122018

No matter its legal status, abortion continues to generate a polarized debate that will never be aborted. Which ‘right’ is the valid right? The ‘right’ to an abortion or the ‘right’ to life? Given polarized views of life, death, and individual rights – the abortion controversy is perpetual.

Whatever one’s view on the subject, the idea of ‘celebrating’ abortion as one might celebrate life has forced the issue back into the spotlight. In a skit that has arguably ‘crossed the line,’ comedienne Michelle Wolf’s recent ‘celebration of abortion’ (The Break / Netflix) was not particularly funny in the view of many.

Wolf’s skit reflects the Left’s nihilistic view of life, suggest Danielle and Robert in their consideration of the moral and ethical issues involved: “normalizing abortion by making it heroic.”

Calls for the outright prohibition of abortion have long been associated with the Right, particularly since those calls have been seen to originate from the so-called ‘social’ conservatives. In contrast, ‘fiscal’ and ‘pragmatic’ conservatives prefer to leave the abortion issue off the political table entirely – while ‘progressive’ conservatives would fully support a Leftist agenda. Continue reading »

The Danielle Metz Show – 022 – The View from here

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Jul 292018

In responding to talk show guest Judge Jeanine Pirro, The View’s Whoopi Goldberg declared “I don’t have Trump Derangement; let me tell you what I have. I’m tired of people starting a conversation with “Mexicans are liars and rapists.” The ‘debate’ ended shortly thereafter with Goldberg ejecting Pirro from the show. She then became verbally abusive by swearing and directing profanity against the Trump-supporting judge.

Agreeing that this viewing of ‘the View’ was an uncomfortable one, Robert and Danielle also view Whoopi’s embarrassing meltdown and reaction to Pirro’s arguments as yet another symptom of the Left’s inability to defend itself. Ironically, it is also an extreme example of Trump Derangement Syndrome, in which the sufferer denies the affliction while openly exhibiting its symptoms.

Given that Trump never made any such statement, Goldberg’s hysteria was understandable. Her assertion against Trump could neither be justified nor verified, yet she insisted on asserting it – more evidence of the emotional compulsion that drives Trump Derangement Syndrome. Goldberg’s later non-apologetic apology was just the icing on the symptom.

Thanks to its panel of Leftists like Whoopi Goldberg, ‘the View’ provides everyone with an inside view of Leftist views – views apparently not debatable when contradicted by facts.

Fortunately for Danielle and Robert, ‘the View’ from here is Just Right.