Aug 122018

No matter its legal status, abortion continues to generate a polarized debate that will never be aborted. Which ‘right’ is the valid right? The ‘right’ to an abortion or the ‘right’ to life? Given polarized views of life, death, and individual rights – the abortion controversy is perpetual.

Whatever one’s view on the subject, the idea of ‘celebrating’ abortion as one might celebrate life has forced the issue back into the spotlight. In a skit that has arguably ‘crossed the line,’ comedienne Michelle Wolf’s recent ‘celebration of abortion’ (The Break / Netflix) was not particularly funny in the view of many.

Wolf’s skit reflects the Left’s nihilistic view of life, suggest Danielle and Robert in their consideration of the moral and ethical issues involved: “normalizing abortion by making it heroic.”

Calls for the outright prohibition of abortion have long been associated with the Right, particularly since those calls have been seen to originate from the so-called ‘social’ conservatives. In contrast, ‘fiscal’ and ‘pragmatic’ conservatives prefer to leave the abortion issue off the political table entirely – while ‘progressive’ conservatives would fully support a Leftist agenda. Continue reading »

The Danielle Metz Show – 022 – The View from here

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Jul 292018

In responding to talk show guest Judge Jeanine Pirro, The View’s Whoopi Goldberg declared “I don’t have Trump Derangement; let me tell you what I have. I’m tired of people starting a conversation with “Mexicans are liars and rapists.” The ‘debate’ ended shortly thereafter with Goldberg ejecting Pirro from the show. She then became verbally abusive by swearing and directing profanity against the Trump-supporting judge.

Agreeing that this viewing of ‘the View’ was an uncomfortable one, Robert and Danielle also view Whoopi’s embarrassing meltdown and reaction to Pirro’s arguments as yet another symptom of the Left’s inability to defend itself. Ironically, it is also an extreme example of Trump Derangement Syndrome, in which the sufferer denies the affliction while openly exhibiting its symptoms.

Given that Trump never made any such statement, Goldberg’s hysteria was understandable. Her assertion against Trump could neither be justified nor verified, yet she insisted on asserting it – more evidence of the emotional compulsion that drives Trump Derangement Syndrome. Goldberg’s later non-apologetic apology was just the icing on the symptom.

Thanks to its panel of Leftists like Whoopi Goldberg, ‘the View’ provides everyone with an inside view of Leftist views – views apparently not debatable when contradicted by facts.

Fortunately for Danielle and Robert, ‘the View’ from here is Just Right.

The Danielle Metz Show – 017 – The Designers

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Jul 012018

It’s one thing to break down negative stereotypes and traditions, but quite another when it is being done to create new ‘stereotypes’ and ideals that are more fiction than fact.

That appears to have become the primary goal of many ‘Hollywood’ television series, which – by design – have compromised their stories and plot lines with social commentaries and objectives that are simply not necessary but which serve the purpose of ‘the designers.’

Citing the current 2018 ‘Lost In Space’ TV show, which in contrast to the original 1960s series, has portrayed the father (John Robinson) as a somewhat emasculated image of the original, Robert and Danielle offer examples from many other popular TV series that illustrate the same pattern of social reconstruction.

Hollywood’s attack on the traditional family father figure has long been taking place in other cited series like All In The Family, Married With Children, and Modern Family. Meanwhile, other politically ‘progressive’ trends have infiltrated the stories of shows like Friends, Boston Legal, Castle, Bluebloods, Gotham, and others.

There is no question that many of these shows offer excellent entertainment value. However, the disproportionate emphasis on racism, the reversal of male-female dynamics, and the assumption of social attitudes far in disproportion to what is experienced in real life, can make one wary. Is it just good entertainment, or is it an attempt to change political attitudes that ‘the designers’ hope will eventually translate into real life politics?

The irony in all of this is that most of the social attitudes now under attack are those that were already Just Right.

557 – The gender gap in logic

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May 242018

gender gap

In the world of identity politics, common sense, logic, justice and reason do not rule.

Feminism is one form of identity politics – politics specifically motivated by sex and gender issues. Whether it’s the #metoo ‘movement’ or the ‘gender gap,’ feminism’s goals are all directed against the assumed superior status of men (referring to individuals who are male and possess a penis, for those confused by various ‘gender identities’).

On the social front, feminism’s success in ‘convicting’ selected males in various arbitrary courts of public opinion continues to undermine justice, both in the social sense and in the criminal sense.

On the economic front, feminism’s calls for closing the ‘gender gap’ is in fact a ‘gap’ in logic and morality. There is no such thing as a ‘gender gap.’ It’s a fiction.

A given ‘difference’ in economic status – whether in income, wealth, property, or productivity – is just that, a difference. It’s not a ‘gap.’ This principle applies not just to gender, but also to race, culture, language, intelligence, physical traits, or any other ‘group identity’ that one might imagine. Continue reading »

Feb 042018

The Last Jedi

Just Right Media is pleased to introduce THE AGE OF OUTRAGE, “a conversational look at selected topics in the news that most anger people,” featuring hosts John Otis and Scott (the Brick Wall) Williams-Oakes.

From the theater release of Star Wars the Last Jedi to the protests in Iran, John and Scott demonstrate that there’s plenty for people to get outraged about.

Calling the latest Star Wars saga “the most polarizing and divisive film” of the Star Wars franchise, Scott cites those who hated the film because the plot does not move in expected directions, which apparently upset a sector of the established fan base. The controversy rages.

Another outrageous circumstance has been the “deafening” Liberal media silence about the implications of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation trip, which now has led to his being found guilty of conflict of interest ethics violations. Continue reading »

Jan 182018

Saul Alinsky

As the author of 1971’s Rules For Radicals, were he alive today, Saul Alinsky would no doubt be pleased to see his own radical views and tactics resulting in progress for those on the Left – particularly his beloved Democratic Party.

Some of the Alinsky symptoms:

  • increased violence during political rallies
  • the growing intolerance of differing views on campuses
  • the polarization of political forces along lines of racism and the haves and have nots
  • the manufacture of fake news, and much more
  • All of these symptoms reflect the “rules” outlined in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Many attribute today’s decline in civilized political discourse directly to Saul Alinsky. His book has been often cited as a reason for the successes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    As we share the opinions of Dinesh D’Souza, David Alinsky, and Ralph Benko as heard during a July 20/17 C-SPAN debate about Saul Alinsky’s radical rules, the controversy begins with the book’s opening epigram dedicated to the “first radical” – Lucifer. (After all, it is to Lucifer’s kingdom that the Leftward road of good intentions leads.) Continue reading »

    536 – Guest: Scott Williams-Oakes – How to become a failed musician

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    Dec 212017

    Smashing guitar

    Something to Fall Back On – How I Became A Failed Musician – And You Will Too

    That’s the message – and warning – brought to us by our guest Scott Williams-Oakes, who speaks from both personal experience and from the experience of others who have ventured into the music industry.

    It’s also the title of his new audio book, available on line for $5 at:

    Any romantic notions anyone may have about becoming a “famous rock musician” or working in the music industry will certainly be dashed. The reality of being in a band or becoming a success in the music industry is extraordinarily low, perhaps only around 2% – an unofficial statistic that seems to bear out the experience of most in the business.
    Continue reading »