Apr 152019

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University and nomination candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the Riding of London North Centre explains his reasons for supporting the CPC and why, given the formation of the new People’s Party of Canada under Maxime Bernier, it is the only party which can defeat Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

Salim, a frequent guest on and contributor to Just Right tackles what he considers to be the divisive and destructive attempt by others to split the Conservative vote once again, as it was done with the Reform and Canadian Alliance Parties, and hand the Liberal Party a win by default. “since the act of confederation in 1867 there are only two parties that have governed Canada, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party. This is not about to change, and any change that goes to weaken and divide the Conservative Party can and will only benefit the Liberal Party,” says Salim.

We at Just Right Media endorse Salim as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada and think that, if elected, he would make a fine parliamentarian. At this point, however we have not endorsed any particular federal political party.

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