Feb 182019

In the latest presentation from our friend Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus of Western University, he sends a powerful message to Canadians that our policies of both multiculturalism and open immigration are incompatible with the founding classical liberal values of our country.

“We have to un-elect the existing Liberal government. We have to get rid of Justin Trudeau. And we have to get rid of this whole notion of multiculturalism based upon the premise that all cultures are equal. Because all cultures are not equal. The founding culture of Canada is not equal to the culture of the Taliban, or to the cultures of the people coming from the Middle East, or from Africa. We are a unique culture. We are a culture of classical liberal values and we have to defend that.”

  One Response to “Immigration – The explosive issue of our time – Salim Mansur”

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    The Liberals never explain the reason of why should we have 400 Million Canadians???

    And IF we should have more Canadians, why should we reach that goal through “immigration”, instead of encouraging people financially and through other benefits, to increase the birth rate among present Canadians?

    This government can’t even take care of it’s own; unemployment is constantly rising, living expenses constantly rising, people can’t afford to put decent and healthy food on their table, many people can’t afford to pay the rent, homelessness is rising….
    and the list goes on and on!

    ….yet, we “need more people in Canada, and has to be done through immigration, because people just don’t procreate fast enough”!

    Under such circumstances, such as poverty, rising unemployment, homelessness, the logical thing wold be to SHOT the borders down, or at least close those doors tighter, instead of opening the borders wide open.

    Why don’t the Canadian government, its political parties, and the Canadian people (citizens) have a conversation about these questions ever?

    No one is allowed to talk about these things, to question these decisions, because anyone who would dare to do so, will be viewed as someone who committed the greatest crimes against humanity.

    Considering all that was said, we should ask two more questions:

    (3) What’s the real motive?
    (4) Who benefits?

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