Nov 182018

“What flummoxes me is not the incident itself, but the complete denial by the left-wing media that it ever happened – even as they are playing video demonstrating that it actually did!” marvels Danielle in today’s conversation with Robert.

Only by denying the direct evidence of one’s senses can it be argued that CNN’s Jim Acosta “did not touch” the intern working at the White House media conference on November 7. Yet shamelessly, that’s exactly what the media on the Left chose to do. CNN reported the incident by not including the relevant incident in its visual account, while verbally reporting that it never happened.

The ‘touching’ incident was the last in a string of incidents eventually resulting in the White House revoking Acosta’s press pass. Amazingly, a subsequent court decision (by a Trump-appointed judge citing ‘press freedom’ issues) ruled that Acosta’s White House pass must be reinstated! (Since no one is preventing Acosta from writing or broadcasting whatever he wishes, the court’s rationalization merely provides more evidence of non sequitur Leftist thinking in this affair.)

But the real accosting of the American mind has taken the form of Leftist media denials so blatant that Danielle continues to marvel at how “I honestly have so many words of bafflement that I can’t channel them all coherently.” The media is committing suicide by actively “destroying its own credibility,” adds Robert.

In attempting to explain how such glaring evasions of reality can go unheeded by the Left (and too often not taken seriously by the Right), one must understand the fundamental metaphysical principles on which the Left and Right are founded.

At the root of the Left’s reality dysfunction is the fact that the Left metaphysically rejects the ‘primacy of existence’ and operates on the ‘primacy of consciousness,’ i.e., “Reality is determined by what I believe it to be.” In contrast, the Right way of thinking is metaphysically based on the primacy of existence, i.e., “Reality is determined by what actually exists.”

Despite our recognition of these polarized views about reality, we remain nevertheless shocked when confronted by such a literal and open example of the Left’s metaphysically flawed thinking demonstrated. After all, when it comes to citing an ideal example of the ‘primacy of consciousness’ in action, Acosta’s accosting of the American mind is Just Right.

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