Nov 042018

Elizabeth Warren

What can one adequately say when ‘mainstream’ media like ABC News, NBC Nightly News, The View, The Guardian, and others reported that Elizabeth Warren had ‘proof of her Native American Heritage’ – when the real ‘proof’ provided by Warren’s DNA test was exactly the opposite?

What was ‘proven’ by a DNA test is that Warren is “whiter than white,” observes Danielle in her conversation with Robert. “Where is the ‘white privilege’ when it seems more beneficial to claim heritage to anything other than European descent?”

In response, Robert notes that the racial ‘privilege’ in this case was actually attached to being a member of the Native American group with which Warren attempted to identify. “And the mainstream media (is) complicit in this obvious lie that she is of native descent!”

The degree of dishonesty and the detailed deception to which Warren stooped was only to be outdone by the media that accepted DNA results reflecting a 1/1024 native/white DNA ratio as ‘proof’ that she was Native American.

It would appear that the contradiction inherent in identity politics has run its inevitable course of circular logic. If a 1/1024 ‘minority’ factor in a DNA sample qualifies for minority status, then every individual qualifies as a minority, without exception.

Reflecting on Ayn Rand’s observation that “the smallest minority is the individual,” Danielle credits Greg Gutfeld (FOX News) for his logical conclusion that “When everyone is a minority, then no one is.” Sounds Just Right to us.

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  1. Good points all

  2. My favourite cartoon: Come Thanksgiving, the turkey is gawking at the farmer ready to pick one. The turkey is saying, “I’m 1/1024th bald eagle.”

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