Nov 012018

Justin Trudeau

Reaction to last week’s show on ‘climate change’ featuring Dave Plumb, author of ‘Inconveniently Screwed,’ generated the feedback that inspired this week’s discussion. And thanks to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who announced that his National Climate Plan would be forced on the four Canadian provinces that did not wish to have such a plan, the issue has once again been pushed into the spotlight.

Referred to as a ‘climate’ plan, it’s really a tax. There simply is no way to pin down any specifics in the plan that have anything to do with global ‘climate,’ or what the ‘climate’ goal actually is. For example, what is the ‘correct’ global temperature, humidity, ocean level, atmospheric pressure, etc.? Most importantly, what is the ‘correct’ level of ‘greenhouse gases’ – especially given the knowledge that water vapor is among the most threatening.

Is Trudeau’s government attempting to keep the global (not just Canada’s) climate at the temperature it is today? Is a decrease in average annual temperature averages the desired goal? Is an increase the desired goal? Where are such specifics in the ‘climate’ plan, how will the success or failure of the ‘plan’ be measured?

Don’t even attempt to answer such questions, because climate concerns are not part of any nation’s ‘climate’ plan. Government ‘climate’ plans are really plans to tax carbon dioxide emissions, yet carbon dioxide is neither a pollutant, nor responsible for climate change.

Trudeau’s ‘climate change’ plan is not about the weather. Trudeau’s ‘climate change’ plan is a political one.

What’s important to Trudeau is his government’s socialist political agenda, and the imposition of specific taxes to help implement that agenda. For politicians on the Left, the specter of ‘climate change’ offers a much needed imaginary villain to defeat, a political ‘purpose’ and opportunity to virtue signal, all the while raising taxes and expanding the role of the state. That’s where the real change in climate is taking place.

For those on the Right, Trudeau and his Liberals are themselves the source of the political ‘climate change’ that needs to be fought.

Unfortunately, the ‘weather’ distraction that is called climate change will continue to serve its political purpose as long as people fail to see the real frightening ‘change’ that is coming, in a way that is Just Right.

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