Sep 302018

Allyship (n): An active and consistent practice of unlearning and reevaluating beliefs and actions in order to work in solidarity with a marginalized individual or group.” That’s a ‘definition’ found on Teen Vogue on line, in an August 27 2018 article entitled “How To Use Gender Neutral Words” (written by Danielle Corcione).

Under a contrived pretense of using such words to “make life better for non-binary peers,” the real goal is far more sinister. As Danielle and Robert point out, the goal is to ‘progressively disintegrate’ language itself, and in the process, impose the non-value of egalitarianism on others.

Child abuse takes many forms, and one of those forms is the deconstruction of language in a way that destroys the ability of children to think critically. The goal itself must be judged as pure evil, since the ‘definitions’ being invented do not correspond to reality.

Avoiding reality is a hallmark of Leftist non-thinking, while imposing one’s own unreality upon others is the fundamental ‘tool’ (which is how the Left evasively describes the use of force) employed by all evil efforts and causes.

Language and precise definitions are the epistemological means by which human beings are able to conceptualize, think, and discover reality. The unreal language now being promoted has been specifically calculated to destroy the ability of people to think objectively, in the hopes that they can become easily manipulated by unreal philosophies. It’s a tactic as old as humanity itself. (“In the beginning was the word…”)

In the science of epistemology, words and language have objective definitions made necessary by the realities they describe, and one of those realities (and necessary distinctions) is the existence of males and females, men and women, boys and girls. To ‘think’ otherwise is a conscious and deliberate act of avoiding reality, and in the process, of hoping to avoid the moral judgement of evil that necessarily goes along with it.

The real ‘binary’ being spoken of here is not one of ‘gender,’ but of right and wrong, good and evil, and of course, what’s Left and what’s Just Right.

  One Response to “The Danielle Metz Show – 030 – The disintegration hypothesis”

  1. Right on. Identifying the disintegration of our once proud language must be understood. Exposing bad language then correcting language usage towards strict standards is an important step so not to repeat the disintegrating narratives of history.

    This was simply and eloquently brought out in this segment broadcast. Things, including word relationships have a clear and unifying identity.

    Thank you for your radio show. It’s one of a kind and a joy to hear. – Ted.

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