Sep 092018

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

That’s the slogan being promoted by Colin Kaepernick and Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ ad campaign.

While at first glance, both the slogan and campaign name sound inspiring and uplifting, a second glance reveals that they are equally applicable to both positive and negative values.

Known as the ‘kneeling millionaire’ for choosing to kneel on one knee in advance of a 2016 NFL game (as a political protest against killings of blacks by police), Kaepernick rose to celebrity status – by not rising to the national anthem playing at the time.

It is difficult to identify what Kaepernick has ‘sacrificed’ in order to pursue ‘something’ he believes in, notes Danielle in her conversation with Robert. It’s the simplest thing in the world to call risking a NFL career for another profitable career with Nike – a ‘sacrifice.’ But that’s no ‘sacrifice,’ it’s a choice and an investment.

Ironically in Kaepernick’s case, he has become a ‘social justice warrior’ for the Left – a philosophy that actually is all about sacrifice – the sacrifice of some for the unearned benefit of others – “even if it means sacrificing everything.”

“Sacrificing everything” is both the means and ends of nihilism. It is also the fundamental philosophy of all collectivist beliefs on the Left. It is anti-life and clearly includes the sacrifice of life itself.

Fortunately, reality and reason demonstrate that when it involves hard work and effort towards bettering one’s life, it’s never a ‘sacrifice’ doing what you know is Just Right.

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