Apr 262018


On April 6, a tragic highway accident claimed the lives of 16 people associated with the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team on their way to a playoff game in the town of Nipawin, Saskatchewan. The outpouring of international support resulted in a GoFundMe campaign that raised millions of dollars for the families of the victims.

So it is understandably beyond the understanding of most people why anyone would express ‘cynicism’ about the “maleness, the youthfulness and the whiteness” of those who died. Yet that’s exactly what left-wing activist and journalist Nora Loreto posted to her Twitter account in her ostensible effort to promote “justice and more for so many other grieving parents and communities.” But when one considers that Loreto’s past tweets include comments like “White men are the worst beings that orbit the Sun,” it is clear that she is not motivated by any sense of “justice” for “other grieving parents.”

That Loreto is a racist and a sexist is undeniable – by any objective definition of those words, and by the comments and actions of Loreto herself. But racism and sexism are mere symptoms of a greater social disease: thinking of individuals as mere members of some subjectively pre-defined collective who all think and look alike.

Politically, this social disease manifests itself entirely on the Left. There, the notion of ‘group rights’ takes the form of communism, fascism, socialism, progressivism, and other proven and demonstrated evil forms of state control and supremacy over the rights of the individual.

Small wonder that Loreto asserts that “the far Right manufactures hate on line,” which is the real target of her irrational outrage. So when the Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant asked “What’s right wing and left wing got to do with this?” he could not but help conclude with at least half of the answer: “Because (Loreto’s) on the Left.”

Like many commentators who see themselves on “the right,” Levant’s criticism of the Left is powerful and right on the mark, citing ‘identity politics,’ ‘post-modernism,’ ‘Marxism,’ ‘feminism,’ ‘racism,’ ‘victim culture,’ ‘white nationalism,’ ‘white supremacy,’ ‘anti-male chauvinism,’ and other evil traits of the Left.

But where is the ‘right wing’s’ defense of the Right? Where is the direct answer to silly assertions like “the far Right manufactures hate on line,” in the light of understanding that the Right represents individualism and individual rights – two principles utterly incompatible with group hatreds?

Against the Left’s repetitive assertions morally equating Left with Right, tyranny with freedom, group rights with individual rights and equating other incompatible and opposite concepts, the majority of those on ‘the Right’ have failed to offer any clear distinctions or moral defenses of what is Right.

With a concentrated focus only on the evils of the Left and rarely on the virtues of the Right, the Right has naturally been losing ground. Consequently, the Left has won the moral support of the majority of the public, the mainstream media, and yes, even a significant number of those who call themselves ‘right wing.’

As long as the conflict between Left and Right continues to be debated by the two so-called ‘wings’ of left and right, the odds of freedom and capitalism being found anywhere on the ‘winged’ political spectrum are next to nil.

What’s missing and is needed in the Left and Right debate is the Freedom side of the issue. After all, it’s the only side that’s Just Right!

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