Apr 052018

Andrew Lawton

On the heels of an unexpected departure from CFPL AM 980 radio in London Ontario, radio broadcaster Andrew Lawton joins us in a compelling discussion that unpacks many of the political controversies of our day.

As everyone knows, political ideas and philosophies come with labels that can be ascribed to either the ideas themselves or to the people who hold those ideas.

However, when everyone defines these terms in different ways, we often find ourselves in a political Tower of Babel that prevents the issues, the ideas, and the players from being objectively, or even just consistently, identified.

It is in this political climate and context that Andrew Lawton joins us to unpack the ideas and to illustrate how these ideas manifest themselves in our daily lives or in the news.

As Andrew notes, to add to all of the already-confused political labels, the Left continues to introduce anti-concepts like ‘normalization,’ ‘micro-aggression,’ ‘censorables,’ and even uses the term ‘unpacking the ideas’ as a means of stopping debate and stifling free speech – not as a means of encouraging it.

Even when it comes to freedom itself, the Left and Right have opposing views. By unpacking the ideas behind everything from the inequity of Canada’s Summer Jobs Program to the myth of Margaret Mead’s sexually liberated cultures in the south seas islands, our conversation about freedom leads us, as always, in the direction that is Just Right.

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