Jan 182018

Saul Alinsky

As the author of 1971’s Rules For Radicals, were he alive today, Saul Alinsky would no doubt be pleased to see his own radical views and tactics resulting in progress for those on the Left – particularly his beloved Democratic Party.

Some of the Alinsky symptoms:

  • increased violence during political rallies
  • the growing intolerance of differing views on campuses
  • the polarization of political forces along lines of racism and the haves and have nots
  • the manufacture of fake news, and much more
  • All of these symptoms reflect the “rules” outlined in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Many attribute today’s decline in civilized political discourse directly to Saul Alinsky. His book has been often cited as a reason for the successes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    As we share the opinions of Dinesh D’Souza, David Alinsky, and Ralph Benko as heard during a July 20/17 C-SPAN debate about Saul Alinsky’s radical rules, the controversy begins with the book’s opening epigram dedicated to the “first radical” – Lucifer. (After all, it is to Lucifer’s kingdom that the Leftward road of good intentions leads.)

    Yet, there are those who would describe Alinsky as a champion of the Right. Indeed, from communists to libertarians, representatives of all stripes have regarded Alinsky as “one of them.” How is this possible?

    The contrast in perceptions of Left and Right held by those professionally and politically engaged on the front lines of that very polarity are fascinating to hear. It is symbolized in the controversy over whether Saul Alinsky represented the Left or Right.

    As usual, confusion reigns whenever the Left-Right polarization becomes the unwelcome elephant in the room. But from its very beginnings as a “pragmatic primer for realistic radicals,” Alinsky’s legacy, both in theory and practice, has always pointed Left and away from anything Just Right.

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