Nov 262017

THE SOLUTION TO REVOLUTION: In most discussions of the day’s social ills, solutions remain elusive. Often those solutions are obvious, but for some reason are rarely or never pursued. Especially when it comes to capitalist solutions.

In his criticisms of the post-modernist and Marxist resentment that fuels anti-capitalist revolutionary protest, Professor Jordan Peterson recently remarked: “There are reasons to criticize capitalism, obviously…” though he never elaborated on what those reasons might be.

However, his comment begs the question. What’s ‘obvious’ to criticize about capitalism?

For answers to that question and to hear the unrest of the story, be sure to listen in to Danielle and Robert’s ‘obvious’ solution to that unrest which, as always, is not right wing… but Just Right!

  One Response to “The Danielle Metz Show – 004 – The solution to revolution”

  1. Happy to see you doing your radio show Danielle!
    I’d like just add a little to your excellent discussion on Jordan Peterson and capitalism. Because I have listened to far too many of his YouTube videos, I can assure you he is no protected academic. He has actually been down in the trenches trying to sell a good psychological test to business, and got to experience the Paredo distribution for himself.
    Capitalism produces inequality without apology. Paradoxically, it has also raised the standard of living for more people than has ever happened in human history. The reason for the resentment we see is that the left, based on Marxist principles, teaches the relative have-nots that inequality is the fault of the rich who have manipulated the economy. The embarrassing rise in standard of living has deprived the left of a constituency. Hence their ever more frantic efforts to recruit new victims: women, visible minorities, lgbt…m…o…u…s…e…. Hence the relentless push to make more people feel victimized. Of course, all this is laid at the door of, you guessed it, white, male capitalists. Without inventing new things to be resentful about, the left would soon be out of a job.

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