Sep 072017

Blindfolded Man

Our show last week with Amir Farahi stirred up a bit of a storm, and the fallout from August 26th’s “anti-hate” rally in downtown London is just beginning.

Possible efforts on the part of the City of London to backtrack on its ill-considered motion (to ban political protest on city property based on disagreement with the ideology of the protestors) will do little to untarnish the City’s undemocratic intentions. While eliminating the motion would certainly be welcomed, it is a mistake to view such action as a sign of repentance.

The city’s outrageous motion was but the tip of a now-exposed racist iceberg floating deep beneath the surface at London City Hall. Not only was the motion specifically tied to the PEGIDA event held in downtown London on August 26, its significance was further magnified by London Mayor Matt Brown’s endorsement of the ironically named “anti-hate” rallies that were being organized to prevent PEGIDA from being heard (whether figuratively or literally).

Even worse, in their collective display of “virtue signaling,” the Leftists of every stripe who showed up to demonstrate virtue, instead demonstrated their common vice: their mutual quest for the unearned (a philosophical and moral concept that would utterly elude them).

Redistributing money from those who earned it to those who did not is something the Left has been practicing as a matter of principle. That principle has now very logically been applied to the idea of redistributing VIRTUE itself from those who demonstrate it to those who do not. To the Left, this is what “balance” and “equality” are all about!

When either money or virtue are being transferred from one group to another, based on “race” or some other artificial grouping of individuals, then RACISM is but one of the inevitable consequences. Another consequence is the many unnecessary divisions that this causes in society.

Whatever isolated incidents of “racism” may flare up within the public arena from time to time (most often orchestrated by Leftist political interests), they are dwarfed by the racism expressed and practiced by university intellectuals, elected politicians, government bureaucrats, and the Leftist media.

Though the Left protests against “polarizing” the issues, all that really means is that the Left wants to remain “cloaked” so as to continue hiding its true identity and what it represents. To do that, it attacks the “Right”, using terms and labels that sound “rightish” – like alt-Right and “white supremacist,” in the hopes that these will become equated with what is really Right.

Thus, those who support freedom of speech, freedom of association, individual rights, capitalism, and freedom in general are expected to be associated with “fringe” political movements and “white supremacists.”

To avoid the polarization of racism on the proper scale of Left and Right, the Left protests against “polarization” while simultaneously polarizing the debate in its own indefinable subjective and emotional terms. To borrow a few literal examples from today’s highlight on local media racism: “Haters and anti-haters.” “Tolerant and intolerant.” “Educated and ignorant.” “The white race and the diverse community.”

The white elephant in the room of course, is the Left’s insistence that Western Culture is a “white” culture, and that therefore, those who defend the values of Western Culture are very likely to be “white supremacists” etc. In all the talk about “inclusiveness” and “diversity,” never included in the diversity illusion are those with white skin.

“Whites” are, in the words of some white London Free Press reporters, “ethnically invisible,” enjoy “white privilege” and believe in “white nationalism.”

Did we say white “elephant”? Perhaps we should have said white “effluent.” The racist excrement spewing from the pages of the London Free Press and other media is beginning to plug the drain to the sewer of racism. That’s the only fitting place for their ideologies borrowed from history’s darkest moments. Racism disguised as virtue needs to be flushed out of existence, just as racism motivated by hate needs to be.

Now wouldn’t THAT be Just Right?

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