Aug 172017

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Poor Ezra Levant and the Rebel Media. They just left. Barbara Kay just left. Brian Lilley just left. And, Alt-Right IS Just Left.

Did we get that right?

As if destined to fulfill our prophesy, recent events at the Rebel Media have demonstrated exactly what we suggested might happen to the Rebel Media: an eventual polarization and separation of the differing ideologies meeting under one umbrella of the “Right.”

That’s what happens when people who are claiming a spot on the right aren’t really right at all – like “Alt Right.”

As with the term “social justice,” “Alt-Right” is an anti-concept. All anti-concepts are, as explained by Ayn Rand, “unnecessary and rationally unusable terms designed to replace and obliterate some legitimate concept.”

Another anti-concept is what has been called the political “center,” an awkward position to occupy since it is non-existent, given the natural polarity of political options. As an anti-concept, the political “center” is a word used to obliterate Left and Right as representations of real ideas and real philosophies which are polar opposites of each other.

If the political “center” could represent a place at all, it is the place where principle must be abandoned, lying and corruption are the norm, and where everyone has lost their political sense of direction as they all drift Leftward together.

In complete contrast to what the vast majority of political commentators are calling for, what is required above all is a concerted effort to polarize the political debate and to keep it polarized.

Only In so doing, can principles be clearly defined – the true and real principles of Left and Right. Better still, in so doing, politicians will themselves once again have an opportunity to present their positions honestly and to establish some sense of trust (if not agreement) with the electorate.

Having a reliable political compass to guide people Left or Right while sailing on the sea of differences between them, is not unlike the journeys taken by ocean-faring sailors of the high seas.

Using the North Star POLARIS as their compass, sailors have for centuries sailed the oceans of this earth secure in the knowledge that, with its ever-polarized and firm position to guide them, the direction in which they were sailing was always Just Right.

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  1. Might I suggest the Libertarian worms have got into Lilley’s, and some others heads?

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