Aug 102017


Few things have become more perverse than the Left’s various obsessions with race, gender, sex, ethnicity, skin color, language, and “identity” issues. All in the name of “diversity.”

But “diversity” based on obsessions with race and identity is not a value. When treated as such, its pursuit places society on an inevitable road to conflict and division. And that’s exactly what we see happening across North America today.

From politics to movies and TV shows, the tidal wave of media propaganda focusing on identity politics has of late reached a crescendo. It has also become decidedly fascist, as was inevitable given the nature of the collectivist philosophy that supports these obsessions.

We see it in our newspapers and media reports each and every day: manufacturing racism to pursue fascist policies.

Using statistics and “facts” to demonstrate inequities based on groupings that are utterly meaningless and subjective, the Left uses these “inequities” as evidence that political action must be taken and that eliminating the inequities amounts to some kind of moral badge of honor.

Virtue signaling” has been the popular phrase used to define this narcissistic trait of the Left, but that merely disguises a greater agenda: the destruction of all values associated with Western Culture.

How is this done?

(1) By perverting the definitions of concepts necessary to understand and evaluate political options and directions;

(2) By using anti-concepts like “social justice” (which is not justice) to advance injustice;

(3) By literally ignoring established and understood definitions of words like “merit” and “quota” while insisting that they mean the same thing; and

(4) By declaring a political war on anyone “white” (while hypocritically denying it).

These are but a few of the perverse tactics used to promote the Left’s diversity agenda. As a consequence, the necessary and frank discussion about the true nature of the “inequity” crisis we are facing has been turned into a theatrical farce.

Simple generic words associated with Star Trek, like “Assimilate,” have perversely become trigger words that offend indigenous activists.

Mainstream media commentators are perversely supporting an apparently already under way fascist overhaul of our electoral system – one based on fixing elections by sex.

“Social justice” warriors are perversely working to destroy the very concept of Justice itself.

University “researchers” are perversely spending their time counting and classifying movie actors according to race, sex, gender, skin color, and other subjective groupings.

Despite all this, we don’t have a ‘race’ problem or an “inequity” problem. Behind these diversions, we have a political, social, and moral crisis caused by ideologies of the Left employed in a direct attack against the values of Western Culture.

Perhaps the most effective way to counter these destructive ideologies is to begin by using accurate terms and definitions that can replace anti-concepts with concepts that are true and real. After all, only in the light of what we know is real, can a path be taken towards ending any crisis in a way that is Just Right.

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