Jul 272017

Kathleen Wynne Patrick Brown Fascism

Kevin Flynn, Ontario’s Minister of Labour (Liberal) has made it explicitly clear that his government’s planned minimum wage increase is not about minimum wages at all. The legislation has been designed primarily for the purpose of exercising the Liberal Party’s Marxist philosophy, most popularly (and incorrectly) understood as: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need…”

“We told our advisors ‘Don’t deal with minimum wage’ because we already have a good handle on that,” Flynn said to interviewer Andrew Lawton on July 10. “The underlying principle is that there are a number of people in our province that are doing very well these days.” (From each according to his ability…)

“The underlying concern is that people in this province are making less than $15 per hour, which we know is below the poverty level.” (…to each according to his need).

So the whole minimum wage debacle is not about minimum wages at all! It’s about socialist wealth redistribution, plain and simple. Straight from the Labour Minister’s mouth.

Worse, Flynn hinted at government plans to impose a different “business model” on small and medium businesses that pay minimum wages. His apparent intentions are to destroy what little is left of free enterprise and impose complete state control and regulation of small business via fascism – in the service of socialistic wealth redistribution purposes. This movement to the Left has already been well under way for some time in Ontario.

Tragically assumed by many to be offering an alternative to the Wynne Liberals, Patrick Brown, leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party, fully supports both the Marxist principle and fascist plans to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. These intentions have been made very explicit and you can hear both Brown and Flynn attest to them in their own words on today’s show.

In political terms, minimum wage laws are properly categorized as being fascist (state control of private property/contract/association, etc.).

Think “fascism” is too strong a word? Consider that, effective January 1 of this year (and fully supported by all members of the legislature), it is now illegal in the province of Ontario to freely associate for political purposes. Yes, political freedom of association has literally been made illegal in the province of Ontario.

This is fascism, and the details of how rapidly fascist policy has taken root in Ontario are alarming. From politics – to minimum wage laws – to fighting climate change, and more, Ontario offers demonstrable proof that fascism sits on the Left, along with its socialist/communist brethren.

No matter how many may disagree with our use of these labels of the Left to describe Ontario today, few would disagree with the corollary: The one thing Ontario is not, is Just Right.

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  1. Bravo! Excellent radio show. The greatest aspect of not compromising for a rational person is simple, just tell the truth. This episode is amazing!

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