Jun 012017

Donald Trump shakes hands with King Salman

Interpret that phrase however you might, but turning words into action has thus far been the hallmark of US president Donald Trump’s administration, and it is applicable to both his business and political style.

To assess the powerfully symbolic impact of Trump’s first presidential visit abroad, Western University’s Associate Professor of Political Science Salim Mansur once again joins us to connect the dots between the events of today and the too-little-remembered history of yesterday.

It was inevitable that “Islam” would become the national and global issue of the day, given the West’s embrace of official multiculturalism.

The ISIS terrorist bombing in Manchester England is but one of the dots connected to Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia. Another is the history of American and British involvement in having created the conditions in the mid-east that Trump must now confront.

In stark contrast, as Trump fights “Islamization” in America and abroad, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to pursue policies consistent with the political Islamization of Canada.

Like France’s Macron, who insists France has no culture uniquely “French”, Trudeau too insists Canada has no culture uniquely “Canadian.”

“Multiculturalism is the toxin that is destroying the West from within,” notes Salim, who sadly laments the “diminishing” of Canada over successive past Canadian governments.

As an outsider to the political world both home and abroad, Trump stands practically alone as a leader who openly places his own nation’s interests above those of others.

In Trump’s view, for America, it is Just Right to put America first.

In Trump’s view, when it comes to how their own individual citizens will eventually achieve freedom and prosperity, it is up to other world cultures, not America, to decide what is Just Right for them.

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  1. Multiculturalism is not Islamization.

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