Feb 092017


GIVE US SANCTUARY – from Virtue Signalers

“By nominating Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, (U.S. president) Trump selected a person who places the idea of limited government and freedom as the number one issue in his legal philosophy,” notes our guest Salim Mansur on today’s broadcast of Just Right.

As a judge who would keep a president in check, Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court would make completely foolish any claim that Trump is a “fascist” or some other term describing a totalitarian.

Then there was the “so-called judge,” in Trump’s terms, who inappropriately quashed his executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from seven countries identified as sources of Islamist terrorism. Not only was Trump’s executive order perfectly appropriate and within his legitimate authority, the countries cited under the immigration ban were chosen with good reason, explains Salim.

Six of the seven countries (Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia) that have had their immigration rights suspended are failed states. “In other words,” explains Salim, “they have no institutional governments working.” The seventh country (Iran) has been in a declared state of war with the United States for the past 38 years.

All were identified and well documented as problematic by the previous administration. Trump did not add any new nations to the already established list. The previous administration well knew that it was not possible to verify or identify immigrants from these areas – yet did nothing to prevent them from emigrating to sanctuary jurisdictions.

Trump’s foes and the media have called it a “Muslim ban” to avoid defining what is really going on, or why. In their ignorance and self-righteousness, Canadian politicians have reacted to Trump’s plan to end ‘sanctuary cities’ in the United States with bizarre proposals to establish them in Canada. These proposals have been criticized as being mere “virtue signaling.”

“Virtue signaling” has become a pejorative applied to the non-virtuous who publicly pass moral judgements. In advocating “sanctuary” jurisdictions within a greater jurisdiction the “virtue signalers” are advocating breaking the law in favor of allowing illegal aliens into their country.

True virtue stands alone, above, and against the mob. In establishing his “ban,” Trump has virtuously signaled his willingness, as president of the United States, to do what is Just Right for his country.

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