Jan 052017

Angry Mob

MAJORITY FOOLS: Ontario voters and taxpayers have been played for fools when promised that Kathleen Wynne’s electoral financing reform would eliminate influence peddling on the part of her Liberal Party.

But Wynne has delivered on her promise. In the name of supposedly eliminating assumed “corruption” evidenced by $1000+ voluntary political contributions paid to the Liberal Party to attend some party events, the problem has now been solved. Effective January 1 of this year, you no longer have to be a Liberal supporter to contribute your cash to the Liberal Party. In fact, everyone in Ontario must now do so.

If you live in Ontario, you are now being forced to support the Liberal Party – and three others – with your tax dollars, even if you strongly disagree with all of their policies.

Thanks to Bill 2 (formerly Bill 201), every Ontario taxpayer has now been forced to contribute – for the first time ever – directly to the following political parties, and retroactively in 2016:

Green Party of Ontario: $630,637.63
Ontario Liberal Party: $5,055.097.49
Ontario NDP: $3,104,757.26
PC Party of Ontario: $4,091,895.43

These confiscated “contributions”, and more, will continue and increase on an annual basis for the foreseeable future, while other parties like the Freedom Party of Ontario, which receive no government funding, have had their legal ability to raise voluntary contributions cut to a fraction of what was permitted before.

Worse, Ontario’s electoral financing controls and restrictions now apply to all Ontario residents, because they are no longer “electoral” regulations; they have become “political“ regulations. These regulations now treat all individuals and groups in Ontario who wish to spend money on expressing their views or opinions that may relate to anything “political” as if they were political parties. The new “third party” regulations control not only spending and fundraising, but also control what is permitted to be said, when it can be said, and how. Any private advocacy spending (as little as $50 if one has already been identified as a “third party”) that can be regarded as being about a “political” subject must now be reported to the government.

In Ontario, democracy no longer exists, and free expression of political opinion is now a thing of the past. But we’ll still have “elections.”

Meanwhile, on the federal front, voters in Canada are being played for fools with Justin Trudeau’s plans to replace Canada’s “first-past-the-post” (FPTP) electoral system with “proportional representation” (PR). PR is a 100% party-based system since the term “proportional” can only refer to political parties. PR is neither “proportional” nor is it “representative” of anything or anybody. Independent candidates have no place in the world of PR.

Trudeau’s so-called “My Democracy” on-line survey is a work of pure anti-democratic propaganda, and perhaps offers a perfect example of how PR would work in practice. With leading questions that skew all results in advance, no one can be held accountable for any decisions arrived at under PR since all decisions will be deemed to have been made by the “public will.”

Democracy as it was once properly understood, and as it was once taught in learned institutions and universities, no longer exists – and must be reclaimed by the governed. A true democracy is not about ‘voting.’ It is about freedom, capitalism, and individual rights. It is about the protection of life liberty and property – protection from criminals and from government. Between Trudeau’s PR and Wynne’s forced political party financing, the criminals and the government are becoming one and the same.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about all of these sinister developments from the establishment media, it’s because for the most part, whether left-wing or right-wing, that media generally supports the anti-democratic reforms and would even argue that the reforms do not go far enough.

To discover the facts, and the truth behind the planned chaos of our future undemocratic political environment, it’s sad that there appears to be only one media voice to be heard. But at least there’s some comfort in knowing that the source is Just Right.

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