Dec 082016

Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto has earned the world’s attention – and our respect and admiration – for standing up and speaking out against the irrationality and destructive ideologies of the so-called “gender warriors” who are attacking him. Far from being “warriors,” they are really leftist thugs pretending to have a cause – one that they are unable to articulate or verbalize.

Being as confused and ignorant about language as they are about their own sexuality, “gender warriors” must make up words in an attempt to reflect the unreality in which they exist. As a consequence their words are unreal and no one can even remember or recite them all, let alone relate to them. The “gender warriors” are victims of their own making. Now they want to victimize everyone else.

Unfortunately, their self-imposed personal tragedies are now being imposed on everyone else by our leftist establishment and politicians. This should not be surprising since ideologies of the left are as unreal as the words they must force us all to use. Canadian and provincial laws have been enacted that make it a criminal offence to not recognize many of the more than 39 various make-believe words that have been created to define the indefinable.

This is not a “war” about “gender.” Nor is it a war over “free speech,” though that is certainly a critical front in the war. But the real greater conflict is about speech and language itself, and the planned conscious destruction of one’s ability to think and reason.

It is no mere word play; it’s an epistemological war. On the political front, laws enforcing irrationality amount to outright fascism. It is a well-known and long-practiced means of destroying the ability to think and reason in order to create the fear necessary for evil to triumph.

Definitions are the means by which human beings retain concepts and are able to think. When those concepts do not relate to reality, those who believe in the false unreal concepts will only succeed in harming themselves or others.

The non-concepts being enforced by law (which relate to subjective ever-changing ‘feelings’ not to existents) are too stupid for words. Literally. That’s why they have no words to describe the stupidity. Incoherent words equal incoherent thoughts.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” we’d like to believe. But ‘they’ does, and ‘they’ do.

Sure, sometimes a little word play can be fun or just plain silly. Some that come to mind that might relate to the problems faced by Dr. Jordan Peterson are: “Go reconfig yourself” or “follow the Peterson principle” or “Say nyet to Soviet” or “Stop your rabbitual behaviour” or “They is disturbed” (Yes it’s all very sic). In the world of collectivists, plurals and singulars cease to exist, as does rationality itself.

But in the latest round of political word play, it is no mere play; it’s serious business. It is tyranny.

Corruption of speech makes discovering the truth impossible.

“Truth is the product of the recognition of the facts of reality,” notes Ayn Rand in her must-read Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. “The truth or falsehood of all of man’s conclusions, inferences, thought and knowledge rests on the truth or falsehood of his definitions.”

Indeed, truth is the defining point of mankind’s existence. Reality is the defining point of truth.

The Peterson Principle? Know the truth; speak the truth. The rest will take care of itself.

He’s Just Right.

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  1. Another superb and deeply disturbing piece.

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