Nov 032016

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OBAMAdon’tCARE – If You’re Sick
Does Donald Trump care?

With an “average” increase of 25% in health care insurance premiums slated for Americans under Obamacare next year (2017), the inconvenient truth about Obama’s government imposed health care “insurance” plan is this: Obamacare was a scheme designed for those who care more about votes than about health.

Back in Canada, the folly of state monopoly health care in the province of Ontario is becoming increasingly visible as more and more Ontarians begin to publicly tell their stories about their personal health care experiences within the state imposed system.

Ontario’s once gold-plated “Ontario Health Insurance Plan” (OHIP) is now dysfunctional and stretched beyond serviceable limits. In Ontario today, OHIP has become “O NO HIP Replacements” for months or years on end.

Donald Trump has called Canada’s single payer health care system “a disaster,” and as Canadians living in the heart of socialized health care country, we regret that we must agree with Mr. Trump on this count.

The issue is complex, all the more because there are still many patients within Ontario’s single payer system who have received excellent and timely treatment. The undecided and unconvinced public is understandably confused by the contrast between those who say the system is a “success,” and those who say it is a “disaster.”

On today’s Just Right, we’ll not only reconcile those differing perspectives, but also offer a friendly Canadian warning to our American friends as they head into Tuesday’s election: when it comes to Obamacare, U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has it Just Right.

However, when it comes to his cures for what ails the rest of America, some may be worse than the disease, while others may indeed also prove to be Just Right.

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