Aug 112016

Iran Nuclear Program

TerroRising Trends: So what’s new in the world of terrorism? What are terrorism’s latest explosive trends? What might be tomorrow’s terrorist strategies that we have yet to witness? What, if anything, can we do about it?

On the very day that we are learning of a thwarted terrorist attack on Canadian soil in Strathroy and possibly in London, those are just a few of the spotlighted questions we target on today’s Just Right. To help us in our quest, John Thompson of the Strategic Capital Intelligence Group joins us for a frank discussion about the realities of terrorist ambitions and efforts.

Today, terrorism is on the rise. That means that tomorrow, today’s terrorism levels will seem like the ‘good old days’. What motivates terrorists? Are they crazy? Are they ideological? Is there a difference?

For an examination of why there is a rise in this trend, as well as a look at how to effectively combat terrorism, join us as we search for the elusive right answers that have become clouded in our environment of political correctness.

While the terrorist threat is real and imminent, Western politicians choose to combat “paper tigers and straw men” to distract us from their inability to confront the causes and solutions to the real problems that must be solved.

It should be no surprise that they have been unable to arrive at any definitive ‘right’ answers or solutions to terrorism’s challenge. They aren’t even asking the right questions.

To move in the right direction, they should start by asking a few questions that are Just Right.

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