Jul 072016

The European Soviet Union


On today’s Just right, more on the ‘exit-stential’ threats created by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union: Is it fair to contrast the values of those on either side of the vote by comparing the juvenile behaviour and irrational fears of the one side with the mature, confident, and rationally persuasive arguments of the other? Or is it even fair to ask that question?

Post-Brexit vote reactions on either side of the original debate are still running at an emotional high.

And while most attention is currently on Britain, what of Europe’s future in a smaller EU? Is it possible that Europe could evolve into a new ‘soviet’?

Clearly, there’s only one proper way to resolve such questions with accuracy: Scientifically.

Tune in to hear how you can take your own ‘scientific’ approach to the ‘exit-stential’ threats faced by a post-EU-without-Britain world. The key to the Right answer depends on asking the Right question.

We conducted our own official Just Right study and applied the popular and reliable 7.9% solution to answer the question: Is it possible to fool all the people all the time?

Our conclusion? “7.9% of the time it works every time.” It’s a scientific fact.

But if the science is difficult to follow, don’t worry. Who needs science when you can resort to politics? Just leave the science behind.

Sadly, that’s exactly what’s been happening in the field of ‘scientific research’ these days, as evidence of what many are now calling the ‘collapse’ of science is surfacing.

“Junk science,” Canada’s National Post newspaper calls it. Unfortunately, when searching for its cause and cure, looks like they only spotted some of the Junk Politics, but seem to have missed the Junk Philosophy that creates both.

Small wonder that politics and science both look more and more like garbage. Junk science is the kind of garbage that should never be re-cycled, but with recycling a major priority of politicians these days, the junk just never seems to disappear.

Garbage in. Garbage out. It’s perfectly logical and scientifically consistent. But it’s still not Right.

To make it Right, new programming is required, programming which can be found 9 pm Thursdays on 5130 Khz and 6070 Khz, and of course, online.

Join us for that new programming as we sift through some of the ‘junk science’ garbage that’s piled up, and point to where you can spot the rot.

However, unlike certain political interests, we’ll bury the junk; we won’t re-cycle it. After all, this is a clear case where not re-cycling garbage is Just Right.*

* In fact, we’re 92.1% certain about this, leaving a 7.9 % margin of error, 19 times out of 20. Do the math yourself. It still works out Just Right.

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