Jun 302016

Nigel Farage

Have the British people, by rejecting membership in the European Union, created a darker or brighter future for Britain? Our first impressions of the post-‘Brexit‘ European Union will no doubt not be our last.

As the British exit from the political EU, there’s no reason why an economic union cannot continue to be part of Britain’s future relationship with Europe – a union under free trade. If there is opposition to that kind of relationship, it will likely come from Brussels, as Nigel Farage stated so boldly before the EU this past Tuesday. All expectations about the EU’s future have yet to be confirmed or proven incorrect, as the story continues to unfold.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, the Liberal plan for Cannabis Legalization is well under way, as police conduct raids on Toronto cannabis dispensaries, charging operators and employees with ‘trafficking’ offences. Many of these dispensaries had freely been operating for years as cannabis vapor lounges, tolerated under the previous Conservative government, which had no plans to ‘legalize’ cannabis.

‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery, who joined us as our guest on May 5th’s Just Right, is now making news by defying Toronto police in a “peaceful act of protest” and civil disobedience. Following through on what he committed to do when we last spoke, Marc is once again risking arrest and even more jail time. Why? For protesting to keep the emerging cannabis market free of state cartels and monopolies: “We are here to oppose the whole idea that the government has a right to determine who can sell, grow or consume pot.”

Not everyone may agree. But considering the current alternatives, it sounds Just Right to us.

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