Mar 242016

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00:03 Trump Derangement Syndrome: the phenomenon of Donald Trump’s popularity, politics is about the people, republic or democracy, the meaning of sovereignty, constraining the sovereign through republican structure, Magna Carta, characteristics of democracy, Constitutional issues as ideological doctrine, no place for academic debate in political arena, constitutional ideologues
15:50 The people’s Trump card: dangers of being doctrinaire on the constitution, government in one’s life, checks and balances, Obamacare, the competent man, America’s three brances of government, single payer health care, immigration not a new issue, problem of incumbency
35:50 Checks and balances – the constrained monarch: Trump’s lack of philosophical focus, dangers of the democratic franchise, racist and bigot charges against the people, making America great again, Eisenhower’s legacy, Democratic-Republican Party of Jefferson, the president as the constrained monarch, the people speak – through Trump, coalition of interests
48:35 Persona and character: Trump as a crude character, messaging through persona, Trump Derangement Syndrome on the Left, Trump as a threat to the left, the Islam factor, conservatism, the problem with ideologues, final predictions
59:42 END

  One Response to “445 – Guest: Salim Mansur “The Trump Derangement Syndrome””

  1. From Donald Trump’s candidate mailing list. I receive mailings from his campaign:

    Dear Theodore, (Ted),

    We had so many great wins last night! I am very proud to receive your support because without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

    These past few weeks have been a truly amazing experience. We met so many incredible people. I am just a messenger and it is clear that our voices are being heard! We will no longer stand for the incompetence and corrupt political system that has failed hard working American’s for far too long.

    I am self-funding my campaign and I am going to do what is right for the people – not the special interests, donors and lobbyists – that control our all talk, no action politicians.

    I look forward to meeting more of you over the next few months and discussing the issues most important to voters like you including illegal immigration, tax reform, protecting your second amendment rights and national security, among others.

    Thank you for your continued support. Together we will Make America Great Again!

    Best Wishes,

    Donald J. Trump

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