Nov 262015

Balanced BroadcastingTopics:
00:03 Suspended! CHRW continuing on-air suspension of Just Right, political correctness on campus, a brief review of circumstances leading to show suspension, Just Right 419, the Syrian refugee crISIS
10:30 Held in suspense: a question of balance, taking the right out of Just Right, the complaint cited for Just Right’s CHRW suspension, CRTC complaint threat, no reasons yet for suspension, circumstances of Just Right’s suspension, shame on the complainant, alternate views are not right, how the racist label prevents discussion
28:40 The right balance: academic justice, taboo topics – feminism and Islam, our history of complaint concerns, balancing the unbalancable, political interests hiding behind complaint process, early threats of balance directed towards Just Right, John Thompson – guest threat, volunteers with no rights – just responsibility, picking the right guests
48:20 Guest who’s not coming? risks of inviting left-wing guests, past history of leftist debating tactics, Tim Carrie – London District Labour Council – no show on Just Right, our next step for freedom of speech 59:42 END

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