Oct 012015



00:07 Voting in good conscience: voting dilemmas, voting on principle, feedback on voting dilemma, voting preferences and priorities, power of a moral argument, moral leadership, Marc Emery Prince of Pot, effecting democratic change
18:35 The lesser of evils: political legacies, weakening one’s own position through compromise, dangers of a single issue focus, the voter’s real choice, justifying your vote
39:10 Questionable motives: motives reconsidered, Ontario Bill 53 Protecting Passenger Safety Act, feedback on Uber, chaos vs freedom, good law vs bad law
54:25 Uber – Same tale of two cities: feedback on Uber, Toronto-London comparison, taxi licence rental, taxi plate ownership, Section 232 of Municipal Act, taxi monopoly costs to drivers, influx of drivers and riders, pricing as market mechanism 1:01:26 END

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