Apr 022015



00:07 Things going right vs things being right: feedback from Todd – Joe – Simon, right and wrong are not events but judgements, trade-offs, Hydro One, price discovery mechanism, Objectivism vs subjectivism, friendly ignorance, spirit of eternal vigilance
16:45 University scam plans: state of mis-education, high minded platitudes, turning luxuries into rights, the entitlement society, irresponsible promises, higher education and regressive thinking, teachers as co-parents, progressives are in charge of the schools, the cause mongers, anti-intellectualism, undermining faith in Western culture
30:35 Beyond backwards: On Camille Paglia, feminism, academia, anti-intellectual anti-reason trend, isms on campus, diversity bureaucracy, no viewpoint diversity, a costly bureaucracy for inferior education, Amit Chakma, committed to equity
43:30 Green people are red people: Earth hour, Ontario electricity prices as green incentive, green as fraud and deception, carbon taxes, real reason behind global warming scare, the UN’s intentional transformation of capitalism, precautionary principle 55:25 END

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