Mar 262015



00:07 The militant atheist? Conrad Black vs the militant atheist, using logic to justify faith, God as creator, God as standard of good, H.L. Mencken vs the militant theist, time and infinity, atheism is not a philosophy
14:15 Capital’s real Isms: capital is not an ism, claiming victims of capitalism, conservatism’s impotent defense of capitalism or freedom, misrepresenting capitalism as slavery
31:55 The choice: Paul McKeever, Ayn Rand or status quo, ad hominim attacks against Ayn Rand, Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, rationality as the highest virtue
40:55 Just plain silly: right or wrong vs good or evil, silly assertion, arbitrary claims, insanity label is a judgement, Progressive Conservative moral and political record, Freedom Party moral standard, immoral Christian influences on the law, philosophy requires effort, faith is effortless, Objectivism unjustly vilified 57:17 END

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