Oct 092014



00:07 MuniciPALS – Partners in Politics: Kingsmills-Fanshawe deal, Mayor’s Joni Baechler’s case for the Kingsmills deal, consensus over sense, actual costs of deal approaching $16 million, comparison shopping, LBDA running a deficit but promising millions, misleading the public to get results, city councils not qualified to get into venture capital market, the net new students argument, escalating costs, city debt over $400 billion, interest $66 million per year, no new students – just new taxes
13:05 Hong Kong democracy – in London Ontario? mayoral election, unbalanced media coverage of election, the chosen ones, pre-chosen candidates reveal the hidden agenda of lobbyists, losing the right to choose the citizens’ candidate, voter dis-interest and apathy, preventing an informed electorate, no democratic debate, the Pillar mayoral debate, invitation to not participate, revitalizing downtown
25:33 It’s no ‘experiment’ – Socialism: revitalizing down town, Paul Van Meerbergen, unproven socialist experiments, socialism, fascism, role of property, central planning, communism, capitalism, control, public-private partnerships, competing interests
41:10 London mayoral candidate review – top five picks: Matt Brown, Roger Caranci, Paul Cheng, Arnon Kaplanski, Joe Swan 55:53 END

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