Sep 112014

Teaching Johnny to Think


00:07 A call to prohibit drug prohibition: Global Commission on Drug Policy, United Nations, proposal to decriminalize all drugs, the King of Pot, Jimmy Cournoyer, Prince of Pot, Marc Emery returns to Canada
15:45 Political pot shots? Or practical strategy? Jodie Emery, Liberal Party of Canada, principle and politics, all political parties break promises, left and right, philosophical vulnerability of Liberal Party, NDP, Thomas Mulcair and cannabis decriminalization, contradictions between objectives and strategies, the missing debate
32:30 Why Johnny is Bored and Confused: teaching problems in the schools, Teaching Johnny To Think by Leonard Peikoff, teaching facts at the perceptual level, teaching at a conceptual level, integrated vs disintegrated model of schooling, disintegration, misintegration, integration through objective teaching
44:45 Teaching Johnny to Think: five theories of education, classical theory, socialization theory, child centered theory, moral behavioural theory, cognitive theory, intrinsic vs subjective theories of cognition, objective theory of cognition, systematic process, reading, writing, arithmetic, mathematics, history, science, literature, little or no hope in public school system 55:22 END

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