Aug 282014

UWO Gazette


00:07 Making book on the future: civilization’s basic books, cook book – science book – philosophy book, future prediction, ideas and consequences, ideas in history, unhindering inquiry into the nature of the universe
13:20 Idea-ology: power of the printed word, from the enlightenment to the present, preserving knowledge, paper vs data storage, cyberhumans, genetic engineering, utopian future vs bleak future
26:40 Western Gazette delivers – an apology: Western Gazette frosh issue, Megan Walker, Andy Oudman, owed an apology, calls for resignation and apologies, Megan Walker’s bizarre demands, Megan Walker’s call for censorship, O-Week Drinking Game article, disturbing reactions to satire and humour, Big Bang Theory Drinking Game rules
48:14 Froshing at the mouth: the Gazette articles that offended, how to date a teaching assistant, stalking on Facebook, drug advice, no sense of humour 53:07 END

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