Jul 172014

Sex Workers


00:07 Canada’s Bill C36 – Demanding no demand: Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (Bill C-36), prostitution, Peter MacKay, selling sex vs buying sex
10:25 Addicted to prostitution: Prostitutes Anonymous, prostitution as the hardest addiction to break, warning signs, sexual abuse, victims and victimizers, Bill C-36, skewing the statistics, the moral imbalance – buying vs selling sex, ‘bought rape’, sex as a business, consent, pornography definition
29:54 The ‘M’ word: Conservative MP Joy Smith, porn filter, buying vs selling sex, anti-porn activists, Casandra Diamond, Gail dines, predatory capitalists, CRTC Canadian content rules for porn, ‘cultural pornification’, Jonathon Van Maren, pornography as a drug, using religion and science to combat porn, real life of a sex worker, real needs of a sex worker, masturbation
49:00 Contradic-Tory views on sex and the law: Conservative social philosophy – control regulate or prohibit, sexual differences, physical imbalance of power, laws enforce morality 57:32 END

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