Jul 032014

Digital Canada 150


00:07 When the sh*t hits the spam: CASL – Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, by permission only, violations and enforcements, commercial electronic message, prior consent, exemptions, voice-messaging, e-mail, text messaging, social media, Four Horsemen of the Internet, Industry Canada, CRTC, Competition Bureau, Privacy Bureau, Harper delivers on the prostitution principle, spam definition
23:55 Digital Canada 150 years to lose our freedom: CRTC, Digital Canada 150, over half a billion dollars already committed, heritage, culture, official languages, emissions tests for your digital equipment, selective policing and enforcement, private lawsuits, passive vs active consent
32:15 Agenda 21 – Sustainable Communism: Lord Christopher Monckton, Agenda 21, an open conspiracy, United Nations’ environmental agenda for the 21st century, Earth Summit 1992, sustainable development, communism, fear of words, ignorance of history returning us to a totalitarian state, environmentalists of today are the communists of yesterday, same difference – communism and socialism, voting for servitude, Green Cross International, redistribute the wealth
46:26 Green Double-Cross International: evidence clear on side of free market, Agenda 21’s implicit goal is destruction, process of Agenda 21 – from international to local, making driving unattractive, mass transit schemes, Aboriginal status, environmental movement destroys environment, successfully destroying the West 59:09 END

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