Jan 302014



00:07 : Not harping on Harper: Israel: It’s about survival, Salim Mansur, small ‘l’ liberal, Stephen Harper currying favour with Jews?, the bureaucracy’s involvement in foreign policy, 57 to 1, Canada’s balanced approach to Israel, Western Democratic Group of States, Organization of Islamic States, Harper’s speech to the Knesset
18:03 : Stephen Harper in Israel: Because it is right:Warren Kinsella, to be anti-Israel is to be anti-semitic?, spinning the speech, Israel as an apartheid state?, the left’s hypocrisy on Israel, pulverizing history, re-writing the narrative, blaming the Belgians, fire and water – Harper and Shakespeare, United Nations – anti-Zionism, continuity in government, support for a Palestinian state, people are complex, Jack Layton presses Harper on inconsistency
31:42 : Foreign policy is foreign to domestic politics: foreign policy has little domestic traction, pocket book issues drive elections, Justin Trudeau’s firing Senators and Harper’s response, non-partisan politics?, Harper’s failure domestically, Canada emerging as a great power, Canada is respected abroad, USA no example to follow, Canada not an empire builder
43:50 : In praise of Canada’s values and virtues: Canadians shy about praising our virtues, educating Canadians about our values, Lester Pearson and peace keeping, Pierre Trudeau’s sacking of the military, Canada land of the bland, hot a Hollywood history, punching above our weight, the Edmund Burke model of revolution, making your mark as a Prime Minister 58:28 END

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