Jan 092014

Darwin Fish


02:30 Ann Coulter’s airy evolution idea: Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially A Republican, scientific theory, politics in science, evolution, the Bible, unborn babies, teenagers and sex, Darwin’s theory – the ‘mystery religion from the Victorian age’, random mutation, mathematical impossibilities, complex mechanisms, theory without God, ‘God created the world and I’m not particularly interested in the details’, intelligent design,
17:10 Let’s play god: acting against principle, light of knowledge as the creator of moral choice, creationism vs evolution, no first cause, species evolution – an epistemological event
31:57 Just makes no incandescents: 2014 incandescent light bulb ban, bulb manufacturers are behind the ban, General Electric – Sylvania – Philips vs capitalism, consumer choice, no such thing as ‘crony capitalism’, criminal politicians, dirigisme, lobbying government for market monopolies, ‘greedy capitalists’
50:45 Kellogg’s lane change: Kellogg’s plant closing in London, market changes, Kellogg Lane, thank Kellogg’s – don’t condemn it, no greedy corporation, Kellogg’s has its Just Right 58:08 END


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