Nov 282013

Socialism 101


00:07 A Pathetic Viewpoint: Glen Pearson on Rob Ford, apathy, democracy, public virtue, sacrifice for better future, Abraham Lincoln, compassion before ethics, Bruce Tallman on Rob Ford, Jesus Christ, passing judgment, ethics in politics, Rob Ford littering, taxes up in Toronto
19:05 Russell’s Brand Of Socialism: Jeremy Paxman interviews Russell Brand, not voting, not apathy, the political class, socialism, Brand’s socialism is the oldest brand of totalitarianism, Russell Brand’s humour
34:24 Parens Patriae Bashing: teacher bashing, public education, facilitators of public education’s destructive, disintegration of knowledge in public education, gun drawn, in loco parentis = “in place of the parent”, teaching and discipline, lunch supplements, parens patriae = “parent of the nation”, no touching policies, sexual touching policies
46:10 Dsinitgertaion Of Knowledge: school bans, blame the teachers, public education is propaganda machine of the left, destruction of the family, knowledge is hierarchical, public schools abandon knowledge, no education standards, whole language, poor literacy skills 56:56 END


  3 Responses to “328 – Russell’s Brand of socialism / Teacher bashing”

  1. Hello,
    I have listened to this show with great interest because I am currently a teacher (substitute for now) in the french public system. I completely agree with everything you said. If I may add, in my opinion, the teaching of writing, reading and mathematics are not too bad for now, but when it comes to social studies or sciences the things they dictate us to teach to our kids are absolutely disturbing. The natural sciences are mainly focused on pollution, recycling, global warming etc., while the social studies are focused toward progressive-liberal themes… Every time I substitute in a class and I see in my daily planning that I have to teach these things, I feel like a prostitute betraying everything I believe in! My margin of action is so limited (not sure how to translate this in english) When I have to teach about water or resource preservation for example, I try to focus the main argument on costs savings for their parents even if the teaching material says nothing to support it…it’s a mess. My question to you guys, is what should I do? What should someone who loves teaching do when his options and his margin of action are so limited? Private schools often teach the same things as public schools and there’re aren’t that many anyways. I knew I would be stuck in this situation before I decided to chose this profession but I don’t see myself having any other career.
    Thanks and continue the great work.
    Carl Leduc.

    • Hi Carl,

      Bob and I appreciate your support.

      I have given your question considerable thought and will be addressing it on our show tomorrow (Dec 19). I don’t promise to be able to answer it to your satisfaction but you have posed a dilemma common to a lot of rational people working in irrational environments that it deserves a lengthy response.

      Robert Vaughan

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