Oct 242013

Tarek Fatah


00:07 Mosque We? mediocrity of the left, war against
civilization has begun, storm on the horizon, left and right are both wrong,
the right wing’s burden and poor track record, every Mosque in Canada funded by
Saudis, born in Canada Islamic Culture, Saudi Arabia, London has largest
proportion of Muslims, Tarek Loubani, Egypt, humanitarian aid, obsessed with
anti-Semitism, gay marriage, heirachy of hate, demonizing the Jews, Mosques –
from community centres to political hotbeds, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood
are behind the radicalization of Islam
17:39 The Connecting Flight To Paradise: London Muslim views, deeply
religious vs the ninety percent who don’t go to mosques, making money on our
enemies, moderates vs radicals, Toronto police complaint, diversity committee,
police infiltration, Muslim Canadian Congress, separation of religion and
state, aim to get funded is the death of an organization, not about inter-faith
dialogue but a political process, home grown enemies of Western culture, belief
in life after death, a fascist group that is a death cult, Pakistan the center
of terrorism
31:55 Malala’s Journey – From Freedom To Education: Malala Yousafzai, role of education for women, Malala Foundation, education replaces freedom, educated terrorists, education is not the issue, enlightenment among the illiterate, think-tank solutions are profit motivated, eliminate not educate, Nobel Peace Prize rejection, Pakistan, oil boom empowered the Saudis, rationalism a Western ideal
48:00 Freedom Before Democracy: democracy and freedom, universal values not up for debate, freedom before democracy, human life more precious than any other standard, fight the ideological war, Islamofascism is the enemy, Saudi Arabia’s open door to Canada 58:10 END

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  1. Next you speak to Mr. Fatah, send my respects.
    A valuable show.

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