Sep 052013

Solidarity Forever


00:07 Chemical WarFear: chemical attack in Syria, US military action planned in Syria, why Syria?, Syrian rebels worse than Assad, no official or moral rationale for banning of chemical weapons, sarin gas, American use of sarin gas, irrational fear of chemical weapons, fear of death without blood, preference for conventional weapons
15:00 Unions Vs Capitalism: misrepresentation of capitalism, work hard and prosper, crony forms of capitalism, celebrating Labour Day, Sid Ryan, capitalism not working any more, cost of labour politics on business, share the profit but not the losses, minimum wage laws, Patti Dalton, neo-liberal policies, greedyism, exploitation
32:40 Greed Is Eternally Exploitable: greed and self-interest, concern with welfare of others, group greed vs individual greed, negotiation, exploitation, employment, management organizes labour, unions organize violence, civilized culture vs socialism
44:52 Fasces faeces: capitalism, rational self interest, moral is the practical, socialism, morality of death, mystics of spirit, mystics of muscle, Solidarity Forever, lyrics of strength through unity, fasces, Italian fascism, feeble strength of one, employer as greedy parasite, power of one, no collective mind, unions advocate fascism 57:56 END

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