Aug 012013

pas de pasta pour vous


00:07 Capitalism: If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It: capitalism under attack, fixing capitalism, social good, prosperity, a different capitalism, Delaware, B-corp, Benefit Corporation, market need vs societal need, distributing the benefits of progress, don’t maximize shareholder value, not capitalism, who benefits?, social benefit, two types of capitalists, unknown ideal, retool and tool, economic sophism, Adam Smith’s invisible hand, win-win, communism, fascism, value, losing enterprises, profit
19:57 Economic Fables, Political Realities: economic fables, war is good for business, cart before horse, heart before course, ends and means, process vs future end, classless society, SEIU, healthcare for people not profit, profit vs rationing, concierge medicine
35:17 No Pasta For You – Quebec’s New Soup Nazis: Quebec language policing, french fascism, language insecurity, English endures, no laughing matter, censorship is the road to violence, freedom of speech, International Free Press Society, interests vs rights
50:10 Freedom’s Pillars: Freedom Of Speech And The Truth: freedom of speech, rule of law, civil unrest, truth, censorship is a useful tool, David Cameron and pornography ban, thin edge of the wedge 60:32 END

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