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03:53 Personhoodwinked: Rand Paul’s Personhood Bill, Bill S-583, born
and pre-born, personhood, right to life, abortion, rights vs status,
[09:49] resale rights on art, government-subsidized art, welfare for
artists, [12:05] Convocation thoughts, parting words on sacrifice, chaos
fate and luck, don’t make plans, words of wisdom
17:28 Hell Be Damned! heaven or hell?, hell as socialism, punishment as
sensation, physical pain, afterlife, Klingon heaven and hell, punishment, 3
concepts of hell, Gehenna, fear and guilt, Dante, banish hell, after life
32:28 Heavenly Hopes For An Atheist: explanation, God, atheism vs
belief, could an atheist be a country’s leader?, religion and politics, atheism
vs religion, love is God, acts of God, Pascal’s wager is not a belief, faith vs
fundamental truths, back to paradise, paradise is hell, the tree of knowledge,
morality and knowledge
43:38 She’s Sorry: Ontario by-elections, baby elections, Kathleen Wynne is sorry, Caller Scott: anger against atheists, fear of being wrong, Freedom Party election ad, on being sorry, Liberal Ken Coran, who votes Liberal?, Ali Chahbar, Al Gretzky, political colours 56:41 END

  2 Responses to “307 – Personhood / Heaven and Hell / She’s so sorry, Uncle Albert”

  1. Your segment on “Hell” reminded me of a story I was told in public elementary school, a story that scared the, um, hell out of me, and has stuck with me ever since.

    Hell is a giant movie theatre. You sit in the middle, and your spouse, children, parents, etc. sit beside you. Beside them sits your friends, and beside them are your co-workers, and so on until the movie theatre is filled with everyone you’ve ever known. The movie starts and it’s your life, as if an invisible camera has been following you for your entire life. And so the audience sees every single thing you’ve ever done, even in private, and as the movie plays the audience can stop the movie to comment. (I may be mistaken on this point, but I vaguely remember mention that all your thoughts play over the speakers). The movie plays on a loop for eternity. That is hell.

    I’ve never been able to find this story, nor know of anyone else that was told it in school. Beyond the obvious “moral” the teacher was trying to impart (ie, don’t do bad things even when no one is looking), I’ve always found this story quite sinister. My private thoughts and actions are evil and dirty and everyone will eventually know what I’ve done… IN HELL!

    Do you know of this story? Thoughts?

  2. Yet another example of the destructive intent of the public education system. They (and the church) know what a powerful weapon guilt can be and use it effectively to mold the behaviour of children. The psychological damage to such innocents is immeasurable.


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