Jun 272013

Father and Son


00:07 Daddy Issues: father’s role, Father’s Day, GUEST: Ryan Doxtator, domestic abuse, mental health, family law, police enforcement, family support network, child custody, court disputes
10:30 Father Knows Nothing: negative father images, Father’s Day, feminists, male disadvantages, police enforcement, family law, affirmative action, feminist world view, GUEST: Ryan Doxtator,  women’s studies, no alternatives to police enforcement, no voice for men’s issues, ending the silence of abuse, Rob Ford, duty to report, mental health issues, public attitudes to violence against men
31:40 What If We Had A Gender War, And No Men Showed Up? GUEST: Ryan Doxtator, GUEST: Professor Janice Fiamengo, women’s historical status, patriarchy, feminist ideology, past as present, sensitive gender issues, symmetry of gender violence, gender biased statistics, only women can be victims, Murray Straus, Suzanne Steinmetz, domestic violence studies, gender war or economic war, men and boys falling behind, controversial speakers on campus
46:14 Focus On The Family: old fashioned journalist, conclusion before evidence, freedom of speech, liberal establishment, education, family breakdown, old left vs new left, discrimination, Western values, GUEST:Ryan Doxtator, GUEST: Professor Janice Fiamengo, Leading Women For Shared Parenting, critiquing feminist assumptions, common sense discussion, best interest of children, focus on the family, parental alienation as abuse 57:37 END

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